A look at Peter’s Pence

I just saw the Vatican’s Annual Disclosure about Peter’s Pence or Obolo di San Pietro for 2021.  The collection is taken up around the world around the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.  It is intended to provide means for the special projects of the Roman Pontiff.

Last year, Peter’s Pence amounted to

It seems that spending outstripped income.

Who gave?

Peter’s Pence is intended to provide means for the special projects of the Roman Pontiff, charitable works, operation of the Holy See, etc.

However, Peter’s Pence was also, according to Corriere della Sera, reported by National Catholic Register, used to fund a movie about the loudly homosexual Elton John which included, apparently, homosexual acts, so much so that it was censored in some countries.

Contributions to Peter’s Pence has dropped 40% over the last few years. HERE By 15% in 2021. HERE

That’s quite a drop.   And now we are entering a global economic downturn.

Given the disdain that Francis and his closest advisors have for the United States and for us its citizens, the largest contributors to Peter’s Pence, I’d like to ask:

May we, please, have it back?

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  1. Not says:

    Here in the great State of Marxachusetts, any Parish that falls short of Peter’s Pence is sent a bill to pay off the remaining balance. Charitable giving or Extortion?

  2. WVC says:

    At this point, I wouldn’t even send Peter’s Pence a coupon to Blockbuster Video.

  3. Lurker 59 says:

    The only way to be charitable with one’s alms giving with today’s Vatican is to give material goods that cannot be readily converted to currency and only to give directly to the organizations that one wishes to help. This goes for most dioceses as well.

    It is a combination of moral bankruptcy, financial ineptitude, and dubious parasite orgs that are the recipients of the money. If one gives, they might actually be hurting the causes that they care about while lining pockets. Give directly and give GENEROUSLY. Also, give locally. The moral imperative is to the neighbor suffering down the street, not halfway around the world. There is a lot of emotional manipulation to these various super charities — they make you forget about your local neighbors, your local community where one’s focus should be first, even if you live in a “rich” country.

    Honestly, if your neighbor is suffering and you do nothing and instead send $3.50 halfway around the world, have you loved Christ or have you ignored Him?


  4. APX says:

    I’m in Canada and have zero recollection of there ever being a collection taken up for Peter’s Pence in my parish in the last 11 years despite attending Mass on that feast day as it’s a Patronal Feast for the FSSP and thus celebrated as if it were a first class feast.

  5. B says:

    Under JPII and BXVI I always gave to Peters Pence and was generous. Then when things started getting weird under Pope Francis, going back to the “Who am I to judge?” and other plane press comments, I stopped giving. Very glad I have especially after hearing about the gay apartment scandals and London real estate stupidity. Not a penny will be given until we have a sense of Catholicism again from the hierarchy. NOT A PENNY! And the same applies to bishop appeals. I will support my parish and good religious communities. If I get a whiff of heresy from any of those, I immediately cut off the money flow. And if I have altered my giving, which is hundreds to a few thousand dollars a year, I am sure many others have too which the post seems to confirm.

  6. Adelle Cecilia says:

    It’s difficult to give money when you know that awful things are funded with it.
    My money is earmarked for upkeep of the historic building that is my church, and I can’t bring myself to add anything to the Bishop’s Appeal or any other special collections.

  7. APX says:

    Perhaps instead of donating money to Peter’s Pence, it would be more advantageous to send a note that donations will return when use of funds return to being used for legitimate Corporal works of mercy.

    In the meantime, if you’re looking for a good Catholic organization to donate funds to, the St. Vincent De Paul Society still seems to be doing what it sent out to do around 200 years ago.

  8. acardnal says:

    Wasn’t there also some funny business about using Peter Pence funds to purchase real estate in London?

  9. summorumpontificum777 says:

    It’s not shocking to me that a “2nd collection” at every Sunday Mass across the U.S. could raise EUR 33 million… for practically anything. Many times, I’ve dropped a few dollars in the 2nd collection without even knowing where it was going. Let’s face it. Many times a Mass celebrant will forget to even mention what the 2nd collection is for. More recently, though, I make it my business to know which Sundays are Peter’s Pence and Catholic Campaign for Human Development… and sit on my wallet accordingly.

  10. cathgrl says:

    So according to the disclosure, only $9.8 mill Euro went to direct need and the rest went to Vatican overhead? Less than 25% went to those in need? That’s appalling. Charity Navigator would give Peter’s Pence a low score.

  11. Johann says:

    Francis: Americans are bad, They are Rigid, Pharasaical, Legalistic Restorationist Backward moviers who reject Vatican II.
    Also Francis: Where money go?

  12. hwriggles4 says:

    Normally I don’t give to second collections and I have put notes in the collection box of why I withhold funds from certain collections such as CCHD.

    I am a CCD teacher and many times during Lent the Rice Bowls come around to pass to the children. Normally I will play dumb and forget to distribute them.

    I do give to pro-life groups, a homeless shelter, food banks, St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Archdiocese for the Military Services (they do not receive government funding), my parish, and I do give to the CPM.

    I do give to Knights of Columbus charities and participate in council activities. I also support the Ukraine Solidarity Fund through the Knights. The Knights of Columbus charities 100 percent goes to the cause – not the middleman.

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