Francis used lace… loved lace… we have proof

The other day Francis said that lace was against the Church.  HERE  Lace is against the Church!  Against the Council.  It’s even against your mothers.

Francis, however, used lace.


The alb of St. Francis (who lived from A.D. 1181-1226) is preserved in the convent of St. Clare in Assisi. Here is a look at it:

If you are perhaps thinking that is just some sort of brocaded textile apparel, here is a closer look where you will see the actual lace work.

Clearly, St. Francis didn’t know the that lace was bad for the Church and for mothers.

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  1. redneckpride4ever says:

    I heard a rumor that Bishop Fatty McButterpants over in the Diocese of Libville secretly enjoyed lace when he was alone at home. The story goes that apparently after kicking Chester, the poor semi-deformed mutt plotted revenge.

    Chester got ahold of Bishop Fatty’s secret lace, went to the steps of the cathedral and began chewing it with enough violence that people stopped to look. Among those people was Fr. Ralphus from the local Jesuit house. He chased off Chester with a cattle prod and brought the mangled lace to the Bishop.

    As the Bishop began weeping over the loss, he expected consoling words from his priest. Fr. Ralphus instead chastised his own superior and told him to stop hating Vatican II.

    Bishop McButterpants is still seeing his non-binary therapist and currently studying advanced liberation theology.

    Chester has since graduated obedience school and typically nibbles on the Bishop’s dirty socks when angry.

  2. hilltop says:

    “Clearly, St. Francis didn’t know the that lace was bad for the Church and for mothers.”
    Yes, Father, but Francis wasn’t at the COUNCIL, and he was unable to benefit in his time from proper Jesuit thinking on the matter, and of course the photo is a fake because 1) everyone knows that lace wasn’t invented until that nasty Trent meeting and 2) the camera wasn’t even invented until long after that. Really, Father, you are so readily taken in.

  3. Philmont237 says:

    Well, you can clearly see that the lace was used to make a SWASTIKA! Therefore all lace is EVIL!

    This is clearly proof that St. Francis of Assisi was a white, NAZI, racist, colonizer and should be immediately canceled! Also Pope Francis should change his name otherwise he is a NAZI too! All of the Franciscans are also NAZIS and they should be forced to apologize for being associated with such a blatant NAZI!

    This is sarcasm, of course.

  4. APX says:

    Wasn’t St. Rose of Lima particularly esteemed for her nimble fingers with their fine lace making skills, with which each stitch she prayed?

  5. jaykay says:

    Philmont237: “”This is clearly proof that St. Francis of Assisi was a white, NAZI, racist, colonizer”

    Yes!!!! And the hatey whitey hater even travelled to North Africa to try to “convert” those of the R.O.P. Ooooohhhh, what white privilege. I’m literally shaking…

  6. KateD says:

    This lace thing is interesting. I have been wanting to learn tatting and just this weekend got the names of two women who do it….mostly to honor my Irish ancestry, but this makes it that much more compelling to pick up the skill.

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