Look at these “dangerous” backward-steppers! They must be crushed!

Something has to be done! This awful “backward-stepping” simply has to STOP!

Look at these “dangerous” backward-steppers!

See how RIGID they are?!? See how they are backward-steppers of ugly traditions that don’t go forward by drawing FROM THE ROOTS?!?

They must be crushed!

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  1. Dan says:

    The question has to be asked where are you going if you perceive walking toward Jesus Christ as going backward?

  2. summorumpontificum777 says:

    Sadly, any attempt to refute their attacks on traditionalists & conservatives is utterly pointless now. The mentality of “to my friends, everything; to my enemies, not even justice” reigns supreme. The unfairness is the whole point. How did traditionalists and conservatives end up as perceived papal enemies? Volumes will likely be written on that question, but it’s not unreasonable to suspect that there’s unhappiness at Santa Marta that the serial synods on the family, Amazon, etc., failed to produce the desired revolution. And let’s face it… they’re not necessarily wrong in thinking that trads/conservatives weren’t on board with Amoris Laetitia’s footnotes, the Pachamama stuff, etc. This is what is meant by the constant drumbeat of pronouncements that the rigid adherents of dead traditions are blocking “progress.” How many of us cheered when Pachamama was dumped in the Tiber? I know I’m guilty of that. We were naive in assuming that swift and severe retaliation against us would be beneath the dignity of the Roman pontiff.

  3. GregB says:

    The Amazon Synod should be called the King Solomon and his foreign wives Synod. By modern standards the Old Testament prophets could be called rigid and opponents of the “progressive” changes that the faithless kings of Israel were instituting.

  4. Gaetano says:

    If a group of people were trying to push a car off a cliff, anyone trying to stop them would look like they were trying to stop progress.

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    Agreed, Summorum. But I do not feel one shred of guilt about cheering the dunking of the pachamammi. I only regret I didn’t get to do it myself. It still gives me a lift when I just think of it. I smile. There is not a thing wrong with cheering the removal of an object that is a direct affront to God. In fact, it has to be to our favor. Alexander Tschueggel is going to have a big check mark in the plus side when he meets St. Peter. Taylor Marshall too, if the origin story about it is correct. It was the absolutely most right and just thing to do. I’m so grateful.
    Over 13 years and there are a few things so glaring they cannot be denied.
    Francis is a man who does not forget what he perceives as a slight.
    He will repay, and he will not be subtle about it. Ask Abp. Cordileone. There are many examples and they’ll all be written about someday.
    We should be happy to suffer anything for Jesus and remember his words, they hated me and they will hate you. They do hate Jesus still. And they hate us.

  6. dahveed says:

    I truly think that was one of the most wonderful, touching things I’ve ever seen.

  7. JGavin says:

    Glorious ! Praise God! Send us hundred of Thousands more!

  8. Liz says:

    These young priests have so much in front of them and yet they are so wonderful and full of life and courageous. It’s very inspiring. One priest told me that he’s not super-emotional but when he got a blessing from Fr. Cortes he was so moved. The Cortes family is so lovely.

  9. mo7 says:

    I know this is harsh, but I think as a practical matter the Church will just wait for these men to die out. I hope my children live to see it.

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