ROME 22/06 – Day 19: At a snail’s pace




It has been so hot here, it is hard to have an appetite.  Not many food posts, as a result.

A great inscription from the church where we had the first Benediction yesterday during the procession.

The famous eatery that serves only baccalà at the little Dar Filettaro da Santa Barbara.

One of my favorite shops in Rome.  A cartoleria on the V. Arenula.

According to a tweet the Vatican office for “Integral Human Development”, the Church “sta nel digitale… is in the digital world because people “live” there, and the Church is where men and women who live and work are.

Yeah, I when I worked in a Vatican office I used to say that the Church updates her tech every 75 years, whether it needs it or not.

Here’s the photo with the tweet, showing how integrally humanly developed the Church is in the digital world, which sounds a little like Tron.   And that’s about the right year, too.  My additions in red.

Tell me that logo doesn’t look like a snail rushing towards the future.

No?  The Future!

Which is to the Left.

And look at that painting in the background.  I suppose the painter wanted to depict Pius XI, of happy memory, with a microphone apparatus – early lavalier, perhaps – but… sheesh, they managed to make him look like Davros.

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  1. Littlemore says:

    A cartoleria would be one of my favourite shops also…

    I don’t know if this should be here or in Sunday Sermon notes, but the sermon that we heard last night was about the dangers of the internet. Father mentioned the increase in people (both men and women) confessing the use of the internet for pornography, how it is only 2 clicks away. He wasn’t saying don’t use the internet but be guarded what you are using it for.

    We’d earlier been to a Corpus Christi procession, and were disappointed at the numbers, but then we heard that there were several going on in the locality, I then thought this as a positive move as this was spreading the witness over a larger area. At Carfin Grotto Scotland where the procession finished with benediction, a statue of Blessed Carlo Acutis was unveiled and blessed, how often 2 seemingly unconnected events (that is Blessed Carlo Acutis and last nights sermon) are actually conected.

  2. Fr. Timothy Ferguson says:

    If I could fisk that painting a little bit – and perhaps I am making mountains out of molehills, but artwork in the Vatican is often rife with meaning. The fact that the two “giants” in the painting are Pius XI, who started Vatican Radio, and Francis, who…. well, who is currently pope, seems disproportionate. When I look at the tiny figures of some truly giants in the papacy, I can’t help but hear in my head the stentorian tones of Fr. George Welzbacher instructing us in ancient Egyptian artwork, “Notice the sense of propagandistic scale.”

    Francis is the only one with a truly open smile (even John Paul I, the “smiling pope,” looks relatively dour), and with his open waving hand shows his openness to the world, in contrast, perhaps, to his predecessors. John XXIII, is also smiling (though not as broadly) and waving, so we are to consider Francis to be the one true heir of John’s Church.

    Meanwhile, Benedict has turned his back on the whole matter.

    [the stentorian tones of Fr. George Welzbacher]

  3. excalibur says:

    Wow, stay well hydrated Father, as the 10-day forecast gets worse next weekend with several days of 97ºF.

  4. hilltop says:

    Short sleeved nun with more hair than habit – also a throw-back.

  5. JonPatrick says:

    We could use some of that weather here in Eastern Maine where it has been rainy in the 50s, finally today sunny and a high of 63, a heat wave!

    Perhaps the dourness of the popes in the picture is their reaction to the recent list of proposed cardinals :)

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