The gnostic ways of Francisism on full display

Fishwrap (aka the National Sodomitic Reporter) has been too creepily disgusting lately even to peruse lately, what with the list of for the upcoming consistory.

However, a friend did some toxic-waste diving and came up with an observation about one the hierophants of the cult of Francis, Austen Ivereigh.

Ivereigh, fully adept now in the gnostic ways of Francisism gave a talk somewhere to someone we don’t care about which wound up for obvious reasons in Fishwrap.   I suppose it was greeted with the usual bark of approval and automatic hand clapping, a la the Great Hall of El Pueblo.

Apparently one of the points of the talk was to show how horribly repressive the previous papal regimes were – interesting that is on the heels of the death of Sodano – and how wonderfully free and open all things are now in these halcyon days of transparency, freedom and synodical (“walking together”) consultation.

So, my friend the toxic-bin diver – thank you, dear friend for making it unnecessary to go there – points out something that perhaps resonates with you.  Some of the details in this excerpt are not relevant.  You’ll see it when you see it.

From the Ivereigh talk to whatever Red Guard squad it was [my emphasis]:

Maccise in 2003 indicted the way documents flooded out of the Vatican that touched directly on the lives of the faithful yet who were never consulted in their drafting: Not one of the 775 convents of the Discalced Carmelites was consulted during the preparation of Verbi Sponsa, the 1999 document on contemplative life and enclosure. Sodano’s Curia also exercised “habitual forms of authoritarian violence”: using anonymous delations (accusations) to Rome to denounce “heterodox” people, and famously hounding theologians accused of heresy by curial officials who cloaked themselves in sacred power.

Among these “habitual forms” of violence, Maccise wrote, was “a dogmatism that refuses to admit that in a pluralist world it is not possible to impose single religious, cultural and theological standpoints,” confusing what is essential in doctrine and its relative theological expressions. The Maccise article also called out the attempt to eliminate tensions and conflicts in the church by suppressing dialogue, creating a climate of fear that permitted a rigid uniformity to be imposed in the name of a false idea of unity.

Francis’ Curia is barely recognizable from this description. Vatican documents, vastly reduced in number, are (generally) these days the fruit of painstaking and lengthy consultations. The days of anonymous denunciations and heresy trials are long gone.

Uh huh.

Some comments from the friend in the haz-mat suit:

What sad irony, through and through.

Were the hundreds of traditional parishes and TLM communities consulted for TC?  Mine wasn’t.  Those parishes where my friends attend Mass were also not consulted.

The annulment procedural reforms of 2015?  No one was consulted on that either — PF just said “the Synod (2014) Fathers wanted it,” and it appeared the next summer.

Both are similar:  It seems just to be Francis channeling whatever frustrations he encountered in his time in Buenos Aries, frustrations toward things he did not understand and/or could not wield control over.

It reminds me of the guy who, having only a 4 lbs club hammer, has undertaken to fit some delicate interwoven lattice work.  After due consideration, hence no consultation about possible alternative tools, he just beats the hell out of it.

We’ve entered into a kind of fantasy stage, wherein people still know the truth, but the Ministry of Truth is gaining ground and the governing sector of the Church has almost reached its Omega Point and transmogrification into a global population control NGO.

What will stop this?

I pray that the Lord will return.  Please, Lord, now.

In the meantime, Lord, is it out of the question to ask that you raise up for us a few great epoch-defining saints, capable of moving people back to the Catholic Faith against all the odds and obstacles?   Decades of brain numbing education systems… though enervating screens… entertainment industry that has worked to reduce about half the population to disrespected objects and the other half to distracted game players?

What will it take, Lord?

In times past, reform, though hard, must have been easier because people weren’t as… well… numb and vacant, so inured to immediate satisfactions.

This age is unlike any we have ever seen in history, which makes it more dangerous and more likely that katechon will stop katechoning.


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  1. Dave P. says:

    Not one of the 775 convents of the Discalced Carmelites was consulted during the preparation of Verbi Sponsa, the 1999 document on contemplative life and enclosure..

    And how many were consulted for Cor Orans? And how many of the visitations were merely preludes to predetermined outcomes?

  2. robtbrown says:

    Exsurge, quare obdormis, Do?mine? exsurge, et ne repellas in finem: quare faciem tuam avertis, oblivi?sceris tribulatio?nem nostram?

  3. jhogan says:

    Ever since our Pope has been restricting/suppressing the Traditional Mass and Rites, that is, Tradition itself, I have found myself paraphrasing a well-known author:

    One Pope to rule them all, one Pope to find them,
    One Pope to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

    I do not know Francis’ motives or intentions, but he must know the harm he is doing to the Faithful. I cannot understand why he permits it.

  4. WVC says:

    In my youth I always smiled wryly at Christ’s words, “When the Son of Man cometh, shall He find faith?” – surely He was exaggerating, I thought.

    I am older now, and the smile is gone.

  5. Rob83 says:

    It is going to take very hard times, such as has not been seen in living memory. Bishops and clergy who have focused on being popular with politicians are likely to find out the hard way when revolutions come how useless those friends are and how bad it will be to have been associated with the old regime.

    The biggest problem of the age is indifference, a massive acedia where most do not care what others do so long as it does not inconvenience them.

  6. Ceile De says:

    It’s the Manichaean Candidate!

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  8. DeeEmm says:

    What is also very interesting is how everything is being unveiled. The world governments have shown their hand, the monolithic media are showing that they are really propagandists, the medical establishment showing their epic greed and ruthlessness, many Churchmen showing that they do not love God but rather love themselves and, all these entities are taking orders from a higher group. All heading at breakneck speed toward some outcome. To force our hand? To bait us into some desperate course of action? I have some theories. I don’t know, there is some thing very strange going on. Apocalypse? I can’t even say with certainty, something feels like it’s missing. All I can say for sure is that pure truth is Jesus Christ, our King. I will hold on to him as everything around us crumbles.

  9. Gaetano says:

    I agree with everything you wrote apart from your final paragraph.

    This age is not unique. It is yet another iteration of a pattern that has repeated itself continuously since Exodus (if not earlier). The faithful waver, bad leaders arise, the community is weakened, and it leads to tragedy.

    Indeed, the Old & New Testament are filled with the constant cycle of fidelity & infidelity. Read Lamentations & the other Old Testament prophets, or the turmoil within the Church in First Corinthians.

    This is affirmed by Church history as well. Just think of the Arian heresy, when the Emperor himself was persecuting orthodoxy and faithful priest had to live in exile.

    Those with eyes to see & ears to hear understand that the results of infidelity are as inevitable as a glass dropping onto a stone floor. It is both Divine chastisement and the inevitable result of corruption followed; whether idolatry or libertinism.

    Take solace in the fact that there is nothing new under the sun. It will be a bumpy ride for all of us; strive to be a saint in these deeply troubled times.

    [It seems to me that technology has made these days qualitatively different.]

  10. WVC says:


    The difference, I think, is that we are the dumbest people (collectively speaking) that has ever lived. The Israelites never pretended that mutilating a boy turned him into a girl, that such an action was laudable, and that any criticism of such an action was hateful, and they didn’t have the benefit of the history of Western Civilization, the fullness of Divine Revelation ins the Holy Scripture, and the perennial teaching of the authentic Magisterium of the Church to guide them.

    We are the dumbest people to have walked the earth. No exaggeration. You cannot look at ANYTHING today and not come away with that conclusion. Compare our music, our movies, our art, our liturgy, our comprehension of our faith, our architecture, our politics, our education, our cuisines . . . ANYTHING with that which has come before us. We are, objectively, worse despite having every advantage over previous generations.

  11. DeeEmm says:


    We are at a greater disadvantage than every generation that came before us.
    Our food has been degraded through GMOs and modern farming.
    Our air is being poisoned through chemtrails, weather modification.
    Our water is poisoned through fluoride.
    We receive modifications to our immune system from birth and ongoing for life.
    Then add in the massive brainwashing of the media and the education system indoctrination.

    Have pity on the people who seem blind and incapable of thinking for themselves. We have all been attacked and our minds enslaved from birth.

  12. Kathleen10 says:

    WVC, I agree. We are a stupid people, and there is no other conclusion that can be made. Stupid people are one thing, stupid people can be taught, can learn, but when stupid people are purposefully kept stupid, well, that’s a different thing. Today’s world is different, because even highly intelligent people are today completely brainwashed, or corrupted, I really don’t know which. Some of the technically smartest people I know, are hard-core Marxists, ready to give up family at a moment’s notice if they say a word that disagrees with what they “know”. I see elderly people, who probably won’t live five more years, have their faces contorted with hate, over the sound of the last president’s name. You don’t have to bring him up, they will! And then proceed on a tirade that is odd, very odd, to see in elderly people. This leads me to conclude a diabolical component to all the explanations about see what we see and why are these times so bizarre. And I agree with Fr. Z., in that this age is in far more peril, because the elites are better organized, better able to communicate with each other, and the masses have been dumbed down to a stupifying level. I also don’t think, in the history of the church, we have ever had mass apostasy as we do today. These men are conniving manipulators, corrupt, vengeful, lots more, and dangerous to anyone who disagrees. Abp. Vigano knew what he was doing when he went into hiding.
    Yes, please Lord, come soon. We’re in trouble here.

  13. The Vicar says:

    The saints you speak of operate with very little visibility, and often at risk to themselves.

  14. VeeRas2011 says:

    This is article by Fishwrap is the same method of distracting by arguing a point that is irrelevant to the merit of the subject at hand. Consultation with the affected by something does not necessarily improve the decisions that will affect them, particularly when the decisions should be guided by theological principals and truths handed down through the church and expounded by saints, and not fallible lay people, not divinely ordained to lead the church. It’s a distraction. We are now talking about the lack of consultation by Francis for various groups, the lies embedded in the article, etc.. I am not saying lies do not need to be called out, I just think these inflammatory articles by enemies of the church pull us away from prayer and true abandonment to God’s will. We can easily get tied up in these surface fights while we need to be seeking supernatural intervention through prayer, fasting and offerings of Christ’s sufferings. Just a different angle….

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