What US Churches could look like. What would it take?

In the US Archdioceses like.. New York… ordain, what, a three guys a year?

This is Guadalajara … 70

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  1. BrettAdamsesq says:

    I like to be precise. So I looked at the number of men ordained to the priesthood last year by the Archdiocese of New York. It was 10. They also have a Catholic population of about half (45%). So if we account for population, it’s more of a comparison of 22 priests to 70 priests. So ArchNY would need to increase their ordinations by 218% to see the same numbers as Guadalahara. So, for anyone who thinks this is an exaggeration, the numbers don’t lie.

    [Looking more closely at the numbers… how many were from NY and how many were ordained for some special group. That makes a difference.]

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