50 years ago: 11 July 1972 – Spassky-Fischer – Game 1 (Nimzo-Indian)

I had learned to play chess from my grandfather and, by the time 1972 came around, I was well into competitions.

I spent a good share of my youth in the summers in the West, Montana and Wyoming.  Let’s just say that in 1972 there was one conduit of information about The Match: the newspaper.  I would nearly quiver myself into an alternative metauniverse waiting for the days’ notation.

TODAY… the match began.  HERE

Fifty years ago.


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  1. dd113 says:

    Some good pictures of Fischer’s grave and church at Laugardælir. Fischer was one of my boyhood heroes too.


  2. Fiachrius says:

    The St Louis chess museum has one of the tables used during this tournament on display. Well worth a visit or two. Wanted to sit down at it but the attendant nearby was dutifully watchful. Maybe next time.

  3. tzabiega says:

    Yes, Fischer converted to the Catholic Church before he died and received a Catholic funeral. Thanks be to God for the salvation of a man so attacked for having his own opinion, whether people liked it or not.

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