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At least 68 Masses will be celebrated today for Blase Cupich, who has been so cruel to the Catholics of Chicago who desire the traditional rites.  Please add fasting.  That’s only way some things are accomplished, along with almsgiving.

Fifty years ago today, challenger Bobby Fischer and world champ Boris Spassky sat down at a disputed chess board in Reykjavík, Iceland. You might recall that Fischer had made a stink about the composition of the board (stone or wood) the size of the squares (2 1/2″ or 2 1/4″), etc. The Semi-Tarrasch Defense of the Queen’s Gambit Declined was on the board. The game ended in a 29 move draw, although Fischer had played an unusual move:

It looks like Fischer sac’d that pawn for a worse position, doesn’t it?   I put the game into an engine and got this:

I’d like to sit down with some beer from the wonderful Benedictine monks at Norcia and work out Fischer’s thinking.

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