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Many thanks to those of you who …

Black to move.  Be wary of the seduction: good, but not the best move.

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  1. Sportsfan says:

    I read somewhere ( not sure if it’s reliable) that Borromini died by suicide and did not want his name on his tomb.

    Where is this marble inscription?

  2. Jacques-Antoine Fierz says:

    Borromini was a Swiss architect. He was born in Bissone (Ticino) and died in Rome. He was depressive and ill when he wounded/hurt himself with a sword. He did not died before explaining his gesture and saying that he wanted to be buried in San Giovanni dei Fiorentini, near his friend and mentor Carlo Maderno (another architect born in Ticino). Therefore we can assume that before his dead he received the last rites.

  3. Sportsfan says:


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