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Brick by brick in Virginia

I am hearing about this sort of thing all over the place. The first Traditional Latin Mass by this priest at this parish drew 120 people! This text is from the bulletin of St. Francis Church in Purceville, VA: About … Read More

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Diocese of Arlington has a new bishop

Over the years I have written quite a few times about His Excellency Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, olim Bishop of Raleigh in North Carolina.  He was just translated to the Diocese of Arlington in Virginia. Bp. Burbidge has been open to … Read More

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A bishop’s pastoral letter on Pornography

The other day a priest acquaintance sent me a note about the new Pastoral Letter from Bp. Loverde of the Diocese of Arlington concerning Pornography, “Bought With A Price: Every Man’s Duty to Protect Himself and His Family from a … Read More

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Fishwrap rakes up some muck in the Arlington altar girl dispute

You may recall that a priest of the Diocese of Arlington, Fr. Michael Taylor of Corpus Christi Church in South Riding, VA, made a decision in favor of male-only service at the altar (not against girls, but in favor of … Read More

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Suscipe quæso Domine

Over at Rorate I saw something that caught my eye. Under an entry called “While the Spirit of Vatican II reigns supreme in the Archdiocese of Washington, Arlington continues to flourish”, about Vespers and Benediction to be celebrated on Laetare … Read More

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Summorum Pontificum: what is possible?

I have been writing more about Summorum Pontificum lately than I have for a while. We have to remind people that Summorum Pontificum gave us some provisions that have the force of law.  They are not merely part of the … Read More

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