ROME 22/10 – Day 11: Not snuffed out yet

The sun rose in Rome at 7:16 and will set at 18:37. The Ave Maria rings at 18:45. Today is the Feast of the Maternity of Mary and it also marks the 60th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II.

Yesterday was a really trying day for me and, as I found out, for a few other priest and lay friends.  There was something up, I think.  It was lovely outside, but it was a heavy day that weighed on me greatly.

There’s a nifty little silver smith shop near Sant’Eustachio that makes little Roman things.

Not many cats these days.  Not like the old days, for sure, with old women feeding cats left over spaghetti.

Near Ss. Trinità a very good little cheese and sausage store.  Nice guys.  They are eager to give samples and talk about each thing.

Speaking of the opening of Vatican II, the church of the confraternity of the men who carried the sedia gestatoria.  I’d like to see that come back… some day.

Chalices ready for “concelebration” Roman style.

I found this rather moving at the end of a hard day.

Sort of how I felt, feel.  Squeezed and nearly out of fuel, but not snuffed out yet!  Any number of candles can be lit from this and keep the flame burning.

Please consider joining WISE.  It is great for transfer of funds internationally and domestically with low fees and an excellent exchange rate. WISE

Yesterday and during the night has been a kind of bloodbath, I regret to report.   Very concerning.  There is also Zelle (which most US banks offer as a free service – very good! use frz AT wdtprs DOT com), Continue to Give ( – okay, but higher fees) and Chase Quickpay.

To receive a link to donate via Continue To Give using your smart

phone, use your phone’s camera to activate the Q code (on the right) or text 4827563 to 715-803-4772 (US) for a link.

Priestly chess players, drop me a line. HERE

White to play.

Remember to support the wonderful Summit Dominicans, the “soap sisters”.

Also, some of you have decided to send via snail mail!   How retro!  It’s slowwww… but it works!

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  1. PatS says:

    Salumeria Focacci?

  2. Neal says:

    1. Nd5 restores balance

  3. maternalView says:

    Interesting about yesterday. I too had a most odd & challenging day unlike what I might consider to be the normal challenges or annoyances. Details aren’t neccessary but suffice to say I noticed something was not right.

  4. paxbenedict says:

    Father Z, please know how much you and your apostolate are appreciated. I’m a benefactor and I feel the benefit of the masses that you say for all of us. You help us, through the mercy of Our Lord, much more than we help you. I remember reading St John Henry Newman on the ‘Divine economy of salvation’ and thank God for it.

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    The past week or two has seemed like a disturbance in the Force. I assumed it was just me.

  6. JulieHoward says:

    My 16 year old son Joseph is an avid chess player, would be interesting to have him have a round at it with you.

  7. Perhaps sometime with or

  8. roma247 says:

    It is such a consolation to me to hear from others whom I trust the same thing I have been experiencing, and in similar terminology too. Like a massive disturbance in the force, so massive it’s kinda frightening.

    Been happening on and off for the past week or two. The past day or two have been bad, but the worst was actually Friday the 30th, mid-morning (Eastern USA). Like a planet-ending, Obi-Wan moment.

    I’ve been stepping up my game at prayer (never been a contender at chess)…

  9. Julia_Augusta says:

    Father Z,
    Please don’t get depressed. We’re all in this together. A depressed Church Militant isn’t very militant, is it? I’m here in Provence enjoying French cheese and wine, popping into beautiful ancient French churches, all empty, asking Our Lord to come and reclaim all of the kingdoms that belong to Him, especially France, the eldest daughter of the Church. Provence gave the world so many saints like St Remy, and I know they are praying not just for France but for all of us. Enjoy your stay in Rome. Enjoy your life. The Evil One hates enjoyment.

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