ROME 22/10 – Day 4: A stroll and an “I dunno”

In Rome sunrise, still to take place as I write this part of this post, will be at 7:08. It will appear to set at 18:49 and the Ave Maria is in the 19:00 phase. It is the Dies Natalis of St. Francis of Assisi. Sometimes invoked as a excuse for liturgical minimalism because of “the poor”, this is what he wrote:

I beg you more than if it were a question of myself that, when it is becoming and you will deem it convenient, you humbly beseech the clerics to venerate above all the most holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Name and written words which sanctify the body. They ought to hold the chalices, corporals, ornaments of the altar, and all that pertain to the Sacrifice as precious. And if the most holy Body of the Lord is left very poorly in any place, let It be moved by them to a precious place, according to the command of the Church and let It be carried with great veneration and administered to others with discretion. The Names also and written words of the Lord, In whatever unclean place they may be found, let them be collected, and then they must be put in a proper place. And in every time you preach, admonish the people about penance and that no one can be saved except he that receives the most holy Body and Blood of the Lord. And whenever It is being sacrificed by the priest on the altar and It is being carried to any place, let all the people give praise, honor, and glory to the Lord God Living and True on their bended knees. And let His praise be announced and preached to all peoples so that at every hour and when the bells are rung praise and thanks shall always be given to the Almighty God by all the people through the whole earth.

Taking Francis’ advice to heart…


Please support the wonder Benedictine monks in Norcia who make some of the best beer I’ve every had.

I stopped at Gammarelli yesterday and saw….

I dunno.

From yesterday evening out with a friend and looking for a glass of franciacorta.

Meanwhile… black to move and win material.  This shouldn’t be too hard, but can you name the tactic?

Priestly chess players, drop me a line. HERE

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And if you are looking to improve your game, think about this. I recently had a bad slump in my play, online and over the board (OTB). I couldn’t win a game to save my life. I took a course from this guy, Igor Smirnov, which sounds like a pseudonym or an enemy of moose and squirrel. Slump over.  Perhaps some of you would like to start playing? Click the box, below. Others will be more advanced and might want to work on opening theory: HERE.  Have a look.


After Mass I had a stroll.

I visited St. Vincent Pallotti.

I saw a great car.  Note the age!  Ooooold plate.

There’s a decent ATM near my old digs at San Carlo.

On the way to the left-leaning bookstore Feltrinelli, I was asked directions – I suppose because of the collar and the knowing way – in five different languages.

Could they be more obvious?  I’m not sure they know what they put on that end cap.

My old seminary street.


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  1. TheCavalierHatherly says:

    The vestments… I insist they look like bad 1950s drapes. My wife insists that both the colour palette and design evokes a Mario Brothers game.

  2. Neal says:

    1. …Bxe3
    2. Qxb3 Rxh8

    You’re forking the white king and queen. I believe that the queen is called overloaded, as she is defending both the knight and the rook. Not sure about that though.

  3. Neal: Right the white queen is overloaded, forced as she is to multitask and defend both the knight and the rook.

    By checking the king with a queen fork (quefork? “royal fork”) you leave your opponent little choice but to take it or move his king with the resulting demise of her late majesty. At the same time that queen move “removes the guard” on the rook, exposing it to black’s attacking rook. Hence you are up material and on a winning path.

  4. summorumpontificum777 says:

    *Shocked* to see Carlo Cipolla’s little book on human stupidity on a best-seller shelf 20+ years after his death. Once upon a time, I was his student. R.I.P., Professore.

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