From “The Private Diary of Bishop F. Atticus McButterpants” – 23-03-06

March 6, 2023

Dear Diary,

“Mr. Domenico” has been the tailor here for years. Cute old guy. A true expert. Saw him just before Christmas to be fitted for some new things. He outdid himself. The new cassocks are slimming. He took my measurements, but I also gave him an old house-cassock of mine that had seen better days to compare. The old one fit me fairly well, but it had stains all over it … noticeable.

He also delivered my new vestments for the Easter season, all in white brocade.  No cheeseburgers or tacos in the sacristy anymore!  It’s a complete set.  He said “classical”.  It has one of those bizarre short stoles, same fabric as the real stole but with ties in the middle.  Fr. Tommy said it was a manipulate. Domenico personalized the chasuble with a Latin saying embroidered on the inside, from the Bible.  I copied it down. Domine Iam Foetet. Lord, I’m something or other.  Happy? Anyway, it was nice of him.

AND it’s better than anything Dozer has.  Can’t budge him out of polyester.

That reminds me. Jude wore a super-thin dalmattic last year under his chasuble when he ordained those ten new priests, so now I feel like I have to, at least for big events.  Gotta talk to Domenico.


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  1. Not says:

    Looks like Bishop McButterpants is not in the group of Bishops wearing Armani suits and Italian shoes who cry poor mouth.
    He is probably seen coming out of a pastry store eating a cannoli with a dozen more in a neatly tied box.

  2. Gregg the Obscure says:

    that rendition of “Domine, iam foetet”: LOL. really should have been on his gloves to capture “pull my finger”

  3. Cliff says:

    A wise man once said, of politicians, that it is not enough to elect the right people; you have to create a system where the wrong people have an incentive to do the right thing. Accordingly, I would have also called this one “brick by brick”.

  4. Hb says:

    Keep them coming Father.

  5. Mariana2 says:


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