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VIDEO: Amazing church construction. It is not obligatory to build ugly churches.

I have always admired those in the Church who can think big, create projects, and bring them to completion. Hence, I found this project fascinating.  I’ve been following the videos. The SSPX is building a huge church in Kansas dedicated … Read More

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For your Brick by Brick file.

And example of what young priests can do when they have a chance. A chapel at a school: before and after. Our “worship spaces” don’t have to be ugly. Our churches and chapels reflect what we believe (or at least … Read More

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New architecture and music “team” at the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship?

From the intrepid Andrea Tornielli of Vatican Insider. Not my translation, but my emphases and comments: New Vatican commission cracks down on church architecture The new commission will be established shortly, as part of the Congregation for Divine Worship. It … Read More

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Crystal cathedral to Catholic cathedral?

I harbor doubts about a trend I have seen in some church architecture.  Am I wrong, or has there been an uptick in the use of Eastern or Byzantine elements in the design or the redecoration of Latin Church churches?   … Read More

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