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African Zairian Rite celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica – UPATED: Meanwhile, Down Under….

In Rome, Francis “presided” at a Mass at the Altar of the Chair in the “Zaire Use” of the Roman Rite (“Zairian Rite” according to the announcer), so far the only “inculturated” Rite approved, in 1988, since the Second Vatican … Read More

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Two fascinating posts about liturgy, inculturation, papal ceremony. Wherein Fr. Z rants with the help of the Blessed Apostle Paul.

I direct the readership’s attention to two brilliant posts by Shawn Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal. The first presents music from the 19th c. for the Requiem Mass – appropriate for November – in the Mohawk and Algonquin language.   Jesuit … Read More

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Clarity from @Card_R_Sarah

« I am an African. Let me say clearly : the liturgy is not the place to promote my culture. Rather, it is the place where my culture is baptised, where my culture is taken up into the Divine. » … Read More

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VIDEO – Pontifical Mass at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Here is the video of the Pontifical Mass at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception which I attended last Saturday. There was a new composition for the Mass. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco was the celebrant.  Check out in … Read More

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#AmazonSynod through a lens from St John Henry Newman

Corruptio optimi pessima… the corruption of the best thing is the worst sort of corruption. The other day I heard Australian author Tracey Rowland give a great talk in Rome about Newman’s idea of a university in juxtaposition with what’s … Read More

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Let’s call it Reason #9577 for Summorum Pontificum

This is pretty bad.   Let’s call it Reason #9577 for Summorum Pontificum. This is the ordination of a man of Tamil origin in the Diocese of Rodez, in France. One must ask how it was that they thought that some … Read More

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More from the mighty pen of Daniel Mitsui

From time to time I post about art from Daniel Mitusi, the talented Catholic artist who has worked under the inspiration of the Medieval period as well as Japanese prints. He gets proper inculturation. You may recall that his little … Read More

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When inculturation is wrong: “whoring after ephemeral relevance, a prostitution to the present age”

Over at Corpus Christi Watershed there is a good piece by Prof. Peter Kwasniewski of Wyoming Catholic College about inculturation. Inculturation is unavoidable.  Inculturation has given us magnificent benefits.  If you want a good example of great inculturation try: Baroque. … Read More

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New art from Daniel Mitsui. Inculturation Alert!

Daniel Mitusi occasionally sends me new pieces of art which he has created. This time he sent me his new Wedding at Cana.  For his site click HERE You may recall that his little daughter has spent quite a bit … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Must read piece about how wrong Rahner was.

Over at Rorate there is something, dear readers, that I want all of you to read and know like your catechism, for this is part of the battle we are all fighting right now… and for many years. At Rorate there is an … Read More

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Reason #9636 for Summorum Pontificum

I don’t have even the slightest doubt that the Brazilian priest is a good fellow, diligent in his pastoral duties, and well-meaning. But priests shouldn’t do this in church.  Really shouldn’t do this during Mass. This was, apparently, during a … Read More

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Crystal cathedral to Catholic cathedral?

I harbor doubts about a trend I have seen in some church architecture.  Am I wrong, or has there been an uptick in the use of Eastern or Byzantine elements in the design or the redecoration of Latin Church churches?   … Read More

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“beige Catholicism”… inculturation…

On this blog and in print I have often made a distinction about inculturation. Inculturation is inevitable and necessary and a nature dynamic of who we are as Catholic Christians.  But inculturation must be properly understood and applied. There is … Read More

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