Online video course on St. Augustine’s “City of God” to begin on 2 November ’22

My friend Robert Royal of The Catholic Thing and excellent commentator often on EWTN is going to teach another online course.

I followed his courses on Dante’s Divine Comedy and on Augustine’s Confessions, both of which were worthwhile for me, even though I know the material well.

Beginning 2 November, Dr. Royal will start a new course of St. Augustine’s City of God.   This is a massive work of massive importance for Western Civilization.  Having a crowbar like this to pry open this treasure is an advantage.

To sign up for his course: >>HERE<<

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  1. Julia_Augusta says:

    I took Robert Royal’s course on Augustine’s “Confessions” last winter. It was terrific. Dr. Royal’s answers to questions posed by the students, provided additional insight into the text. I expect this new course on “City of God” will be better because the book is much longer and we will have more sessions with Dr. Royal.

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