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Online video course on St. Augustine’s “City of God” to begin on 2 November ’22

My friend Robert Royal of The Catholic Thing and excellent commentator often on EWTN is going to teach another online course. I followed his courses on Dante’s Divine Comedy and on Augustine’s Confessions, both of which were worthwhile for me, even though … Read More

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Pecknold on Biden on Augustine

I studiously avoided any coverage of the “inauguration” last week.  I have, after that, done my best to avert my eyes from news.   I did see that D.C. was turned into an armed bastion through the deployment of subsequently abused … Read More

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It seems suddenly okay that a nominee to the Supreme Court be … *GASP*  …. Catholic! On the website of The Boston Globe comes this on the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to SCOTUS. My emphases and comments. Sotomayor would … Read More

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