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What I’m reading

I have received some material books and some digital, Kindle books recently.  Thank you to the kind people who sent them as gifts.  Thanks!  I am grateful.  Some of them came from publishers and the authors themselves. Here are a … Read More

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St. Ambrose read without moving his lips!

Sometimes when I am given a book of a certain length to read I’ll quip, “That ought to keep my lips moving for a while!” Today’s first entry in the Martyrologium Romanum says: 1. Memoria sancti Ambrosii, episcopi Mediolanensis et … Read More

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Some reading options… including a Chinese invasion of Seattle!

Not all my reading is spiritual these days. As I mentioned I am rereading Benedict XVI’s third volume of Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives.  A good Advent read. Also, on my Kindle right now, is John Allen’s, The Global War on Christians: … Read More

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My present reading list

Someone wrote to ask what I am reading these days.   A while back all my sidebar widgets mysteriously disappeared and I haven’t gotten around to rebuilding the widget that had links to a few books and movies I have … Read More

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“I collect books just as others store grain….”

From the Laudator comes something with which I can sympathize: Yuan Mei (1716–1797), Book Storage, tr. J.D.Schmidt: I collect books just as others store grain, And bitterly complain I don’t have enough granaries. In order to make space for a … Read More

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Wherein My Book Sorting Continueth: “How many branches of wax-candle light, How many drops of weary heart’s blood!

My book culling goes apace.   One of the things I went through today were books on China and on poetry.  On that note, I saw this on the site of the Laudator: A poem by Yuan Mei (1716–1797), tr. … Read More

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Of Darwinian Struggles and The De-Selection of Dear Friends

I think it was the comedian George Carlin who said that looking for happiness in possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches to your body. Have you ever wanted to turn the key and walk away from … Read More

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“I am satisfied so long as I keep my books closed”

From the estimable Laudator: By Yuan Mei (1716–1797), tr. J.D.Schmidt: I am satisfied so long as I keep my books closed, But I start to worry, when I open their covers. The books are long, but the day is short; … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Latin Liturgy of the Hours – Vatican Press or Midwest Theological Forum?

From a clerical reader: I was wondering about different editions of the same Liturgia Horarum; I want to get the most recent editio tipico (2000 not 1962) but which is the best edition? I found two editions online but I … Read More

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What’s on your reading/listening list right now?

Slated for reading on my Kindle right now: I think he might have not quite understood St. Thomas More’s notion of Utopia, but he is exceptionally good. More Mitch Rapp from my homey, Vince Flynn.  Prequel. Hoping it will be … Read More

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This is the stack on my desk at my left elbow. And this isn’t even my “to read” stack! You can tell I was working on something at the time these started to pile up.

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Book/Library database software

I have a lot of books. I know an old priest who has even more.  A LOT more. One of these days his library will have to be cataloged. What am I saying… MINE has to be cataloged! Does anyone … Read More

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Reading certain things in certain places

The great Laudator has a fun entry today about the best places in which to read certain authors. I resonate mightily with this a amusing post, since I have fond memories of a summer sitting in the sun reading 19th … Read More

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WDTPRS: Writing in your books

I love books.  I enjoy and use books (cf. utor and fruor).  I might actually have too many books. (Hmmm… Possible?) I also write in books. I write in my own books, occasionally, depending on the book.   I often read … Read More

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