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“What, Papa, is ‘Jesuit’?” – “I think you’d better ask your Mother.”

From the might pen of Fr. Hunwicke comes this gem.  You should immediately go also to read the comments.  In case you don’t know already, Christine Mohrmann demonstrated in her 1957 masterpiece Liturgical Latin that in the early Roman Church … Read More

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Tinkeritis: Screwing around with, screwing up, liturgical translations

You may have heard that there is an initiative underway to “review” or “study” vernacular translations of the texts of Mass and the norms according to which they are to be prepared as given in Liturgiam authenticam.   This would be … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Was Latin the “vernacular”?

From a seminarian: A brother seminarian and I recently attended one night of a parish mission of sorts led by a renowned Catholic musician. In one tangent mentioning the newly corrected translation of the Missal, he stated how the Mass … Read More

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Jesuits comment on the new translation, and get it right

A couple weeks ago in my column for The Wanderer I spoke of the work of Christine Mohrmann.  Also, I have on various occasions opined that sometimes it is okay for something you know to be a translation to actually … Read More

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