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Liturgical tweaking: rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

A few days ago, Corriere della sera had a piece explaining that on 29 November, the 1st Sunday of Advent, the suffering Italians who still bother with the Church will now have to change the way they have prayed the … Read More

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WDTPRS: Collect of the new Mass “In time of pandemic” v. Collect of traditional Mass, “In time of pestilence”. Wherein Fr. Z rants

Remember: We are our rites. The way we pray has a reciprocal relationship with what we believe.  Change our prayers and our belief will, over time, shift and vice versa.   This dynamic is at the core of the phrase from … Read More

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Pope Francis: “Some will awake for eternal life, others for everlasting shame”

The liturgy wars are probably going to flare up again.  Not long ago the Pope changed the way that liturgical translations are approved and then, in an informal manner, suggested a few interpretive principles, none of which he has codified.  … Read More

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H.L. Mencken in 1923 about translation of sacred texts, liturgy. Hilarious, prophetic, applicable now.

One of you readers here sent this.  It is by H.L Mencken, an influential American columnist in the 20th c.  He was prodigiously clever, but clever enough to avoid being a fan of Nietzche and an enemy of religion.  He … Read More

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What Does Pope Francis’ Letter To Card. Sarah Really Say?

By now you have seen coverage of a letter that his Holiness of Our Lord Pope Francis sent to an Italian site, La Nuova Bussola, for publication. [HERE]  Inter alia, it explains something about the meaning of Magnum principium, Pope Francis’ … Read More

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The Germans are revolting.

And so it begins. When Magnum principium came out (which increased the role of bishops conferences in the preparation of liturgical translations), I mentioned that the Germans are usually the problem.  HERE Now there’s this from the Catholic Herald.  My emphases and comments. … Read More

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Card. Sarah: Holy See has last word on liturgical translations

People ran around with their hair on fire a while back when Pope Francis changed the process by which translations of the liturgical texts are prepared.  He gave a greater role to bishops conferences. I read today at the National … Read More

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New Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio changes law about preparation, approval of liturgical translations

Today a new Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio was issued under the Latin title “Magnum principium”.   In various languages HERE (including the Latin text). There’s a lot to say.  I can’t now be exhaustive. Also, I want to read slowly the … Read More

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Speaking of storms on the horizon: Motu Proprio on approval of liturgical translations

My spies tell me that something is up in Rome and that, tomorrow, we may see some … sub-optimal news in the the form of a document. Pray that this is wrong. ___ UPDATE: I’m starting to get calls about this. … Read More

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Tinkeritis: Screwing around with, screwing up, liturgical translations

You may have heard that there is an initiative underway to “review” or “study” vernacular translations of the texts of Mass and the norms according to which they are to be prepared as given in Liturgiam authenticam.   This would be … Read More

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“O God, you are so big!” Maronite English liturgical translations: Devastation!

For decades we Latin Church Catholics in the English speaking world suffered from hideous liturgical translations, prepared by ICEL. Remember what they were like?  Here is the quintessential, typical, emblematic, prototypical,  illustrative, archetypal, representative Obsolete ICEL prayer: O God, you are … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Priest continues to use old, outdated translation for Mass

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Pater, our parish priest has this book “Vatican II Weekday Missal” which he uses to celebrate Holy Mass. The problem that it is the old translation of the Missal. My question is, when we attend that Mass using … Read More

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VATICAN: No. You can’t use the 1998 English translation.

I saw this at The Pill (aka The Tablet aka RU-486), which makes it all the more enjoyable to read. Vatican liturgy secretary rules out possibility of Catholics using 1998 Mass translation A Vatican archbishop has ruled out the possibility … Read More

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Critics of the new, corrected translation would have, back in the day, resisted also the King James Bible

It is often said, by liberals, that because in ancient Rome there was a shift from Greek to Latin for the Roman liturgy, and since Latin was the vernacular back then, we should abandon Latin now and use the vernacular … Read More

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