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ASK FATHER: Did John Paul II really say that not to know Latin is “disgraceful”?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Father, on the sidebar of your blog you have a quote from St. John Paul II about it being a disgrace not to know Latin.  First, where does that come from?  Did he really say that?  … Read More

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How to spot a good preacher

I picked this up from a tweet by a classicist.  It applies well to preaching.   Since it’s Sunday and you all had to sit and listen … and some of you had to stand and preach… [200] itaque intellegens … Read More

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The day virtue was outlawed

Liberal catholics want us all to weenie out and avoid engaging in “culture wars”. Meanwhile, I saw this commentary piece at CNSNews: Free Exercise of Virtue Prohibited as of Today in USA As of today–Jan. 1, 2014–a Democratic administration led … Read More

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Catilina a-dressing

From rogueclassicism: ante diem vii idus novembres ludi Plebeii (day 4) — the major festival in honour of Jupiter continues 63 B.C. — Cicero accuses Lucius Sergius Catilina of various misdeeds (the so-called Second Catilinarian Conspiracy) … 8 B.C. — … Read More

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