More bad news from the Vatican. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Ed Pentin reports on more fresh hell from the Vatican.

What this boils down to, I think, is demonic gender bending theory and eventual ruthless population control/reduction through contraception (willing or not), sterilization (willing or not), and euthanasia (willing or not).   What this “gender equality” thing is wrapped up in fits together with the contraceptive and abortive mentality: separate actual procreation from procreative acts.  That ultimately must lead to using people as mere objects for your own end.   Hence, the outcome of this sewer of aligned goals, the cloaca maxima, will be eugenic population control.

I suspect that, however the Wuhan Devil got out of the lab, once out, it was seen as a way to test drive all sorts of societal engineering schemes, use populations as lab rats to see how far they could be pushed, repressed, humiliated through fear of death.   Fear is death is what has through the ages driven philosophy and religious longing.  However, once the sense of the transcendent was wiped out of the common consciousness, then it became easier to frighten people: they have no yearning for the life hereafter and see death as the final terminus.

The prime culprit in the West in the obliteration of a common sense of the transcendent is, of course, the Catholic Church.  The erosion of the transcendent and the exaltation of the imminent was wrought through the devolution of our sacred liturgical worship, firstly, along with enervation of our preaching.   Slowly but sure, as the bulwarks crumbled, the well-organized and patient forces of evil coalesced and began to have their way through academia, the entertainment industry, new reporting.

Now those forces have massive backing from atheistic Communism.   The well-organized and long-term thinking Communists, Masons and the homosexualist activists have finally pushed beyond the heterogeneous catalyst phase into a self-sustaining chain-reaction through society.

And rather than use the spiritual and material tools that the Church can use to combat this evil, her leaders are surrendering.

So, some news from the Vatican.

Vatican Launches Education Collaboration with UN to Promote Sustainability and Gender Equality

Former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the economist Jeffrey Sachs, and the director general of UNESCO are among those speaking at the little-publicized launch of a Vatican-U.N. collaboration aimed at educating the world in sustainable lifestyles, gender equality and a culture of peace and nonviolence.

The Dec. 16-17 Vatican Youth Symposium, hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, is serving as the launch for a collaboration between Pope Francis’ Global Compact on Education initiative, which invites a new humanism based on a global change of mentality, and Mission 4.7, a U.N.-backed advisory group of civil and political leaders aiming to meet the educational target (numbered 4.7) of the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Vatican said the symposium is focusing in particular on the need to promote a new kind of education, “one that will overcome the current globalization of indifference and the culture of waste.” 

The SDGs are 17 interlinked goals drawn up by the U.N. General Assembly calling for urgent action to achieve “a better and more sustainable future for all.” The SDGs were created in 2015, the same year as Pope Francis published his environmental encyclical Laudato Si(On Care for Our Common Home), and their chief architect is Columbia University economist JeffreySachs, a population control advocate and ally of socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

SDG number 4 strives for “quality education” and within that goal, target 4.7 aims to “ensure all learners acquire knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including among others through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship, and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development.”

Now in its fifth year, this week’s Vatican Youth Symposium has always served to promote the SDGs, even though targets 3.7 and 5.6 include “sexual and reproductive health services” — U.N. codewords for abortion and contraception.

Each symposium, including the current one, has been jointly organized by both the Vatican and the youth branch of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) — an organization also directed by Sachs and partially funded by the pro-contraception and pro-gender theory Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (in 2016 it gave $1 million to the organization). 

Ban Ki-moon, who was the U.N.’s secretary general from 2007-2016, is patron of the Mission 4.7 advisory group, along with Audrey Azoulay, the director general of UNESCO who is known for her promotion of “gender equality” and LGBT rights. Azoulay also took part in the re-launch of Francis’ Global Pact on Education in October.

Among Mission 4.7’s four co-chairs are Sachs and the chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo. Members of its “high-level advisory group” include Jack Ma, founder of the Alibaba Group, the multi-billion-dollar Chinese multinational, also known as China’s equivalent of the online retail giant, Amazon, and Jennifer Gross, founder of the Blue Chip Foundation that aims to eradicate poverty by helping people achieve self-sufficiency. Other members include the heads of Scholas Occurrentes, an educational program for creating a culture of encounter backed by Pope Francis.


There’s more and you should have a look.

As the demographic sinkhole continue to yawn under the Church in the West – accelerated by the Wuhan Devil and perhaps soon by the US government puppet mastered by the ChiComs – we must continue to strive for a renewal, a revitalization of our sacred liturgical worship.

If we don’t fulfill the virtue of religion, we will be forever cast about like toys by the ever-more forceful coalition of evil powers.

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  1. InFormationDiakonia says:

    I cease to be surprised by anything coming out of the current cabal in the Vatican. Whether it is gender theory, “climate change”, or any other post modern garbage, it seems the Vatican is at the forefront of being not just in the world but of the world. While I am faithful to the Magisterium of the Church, I find it increasingly difficult to stomach anything that comes from the Holy See.

    The time is here when those of us who seek and uphold Truth are being targeted, and sometimes by the very shepherds who are supposed to support us. People now uphold “values” and not Virtue any longer. Universal Truths are now considered homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic, and any other aberrations are celebrated. “Live your truth” is bandied about as the new solution to all our ills.

    In this year of St. Joseph, may the Guardian of our Lord, protect us and may the Lord’s Mother intercede for our country and world.

  2. Gaetano says:

    For a pope who declared that “the Church is not an NGO,” most of his pronouncements this year have pursued thoroughly worldly, secular goals.

  3. samwise says:

    @Gaetano: well said. Fr Weinandy notes that PF’s Frat Toot never mentions the eschaton in all its rambling–

  4. MWCooney says:

    It is getting ever more difficult to live by St. Padre Pio’s admonition, “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” I’ll continue to strive to follow that advice, just as I’ll continue to pray for the grace to genuinely and fully accept “Thy will be done.”

    Domine, fiat voluntas Tua, sed miserere nobis!

  5. teomatteo says:

    This direction of the vatican has as much legs as my white cooking wine. I say let ’em feel impotent. They need it.

  6. TonyO says:

    When are we allowed to hope – and pray – that the current pope will be replaced soon, (urgently soon) by a pope who understands arrayed against God’s Church? Through whatever means God chooses, i.e. resignation, death by natural causes, etc.? How many grotesquely wrong-headed ideas must we watch the Vatican propose before we conclude that Vatican needs a new head?

  7. Chrisc says:


    Pope Francis said “the Catholic Church is not just another NGO.” Conservatives cheered by focusing on ‘not (an) NGO’. Others saw this as ‘ is n?o?t? ?j?u?s?t? ??a?n?o?t?h?e?r? NGO’. Be the judge of the last 7 years. Which interpretation is correct?

  8. Chrisc says:

    Ooh. So strike through letters don’t work. Sorry about the above. Meant to say the church isn’t just one among many. I think there are a fair number of ‘catholics’ who see the Church simply as the best NGO.

  9. Josephus Muris Saliensis says:

    Carissimo Teomatteo!

    How truly brilliant. A man in the 21st century who makes a clever joke about “legs” in wine. (Or no legs in your cheap cooking wine, bad luck – my late stepmother always said one should use the wine which should be drunk with it – absurd. Women!)

    This has cheered my day, and eclipsed the gloom of covid, lockdown, governments etc.

    And almost more fun (deliciously wickedly) is that most people will not have the faintest ideas what you or I are talking about. But Fr Z will, and he made this joy possible!

    Legs. I once knew an Englishmen who spoke to a French winemaker about “jambes”, to blank looks. Eventually he exclaimed – “Ah! Vous voulez dire “legs”!” Hilarious.

  10. Josephus Muris Saliensis says:

    One doesn’t want to, but must reply to TonyO. One really should not make comments about the Holy Father of this sort, whatever one thinks. They damage our souls, and cause scandal to others.

    Charity, brother. Then Faith – and Hope.

  11. Markus says:

    I just finished O’Brian’s “Fr. Elijah” (Ignatius , San Francisco 1996) and the sequel “Elijah in Jerusalem” (Ignatius San Francisco 2015) the last few days. A marathon read but could not put the reader down. Perhaps, it appears, there are modern prophets. Current events do not follow the storyline but…timely.
    Still pondering and examining…

  12. TonyO says:

    Josephus: it is scandalous to hope and pray for the replacement of a scandalous pope with a better one? Can you explain why?

  13. Jones says:

    Hm hm hm more 15 decade rosaries, because a beautiful lady told me to and impprectory psalms. Father Rippergers books are a big help to.

  14. Mariana2 says:

    M o r e bad news from the Vatican? How much more rubbish will be crammed into this year? Thirteen days to go of 2020, plenty of time. At least it’s accelerating, so I hope the end of all this is nigh.

  15. Ms. M-S says:

    Over the past years my husband’s mantra has become “Remember, God’s in charge.” Our morning offerings include prayers for an expanding list of conversions, from the Pope’s on down where necessary in the Church as well as in government and public life. After that, it’s on with living these lives we’ve been given in this precise time and in this precise place. Little chips in the great mosaic. Some day we’ll see the whole picture. Padre Pio’s admonition is sublime though a bit hard for many of us to abide by.

  16. JonPatrick says:

    TonyO and Josephus – I am afraid it is more than just the Pope. If by some miracle say Cardinal Burke was elected pope tomorrow, he still would have to deal with a “deep state” in the Vatican. Much like the frustration that Trump has had in dealing with the deep state in the US government. The Modernists spent the last 100 years infiltrating the Vatican, it would not be undone by one pope no matter how orthodox.

  17. Discipula says:

    It is always proper and good to hope in the Lord and pray for a better outcome – no matter the cause. Hope is a theological virtue after all, and prayer is always beneficial – even when we don’t get exactly what we wish for.

    It is a very good thing that I stay logged out of Father’s blog and gave myself several minutes to calm myself after reading your comment to TonyO. It literally had me seeing red. As someone with a complicated past with the darker things that crawl about in the underbelly of the Church, I can assure you that it is never wise to rebuke anyone for seeking relief from spiritual neglect (or abuse). I will leave it at that, but I suggest you reconsider your advise.

  18. Gregg the Obscure says:

    i’ve long believed that the mania for massive immigration from the developing world to the developed world is best explained (1) to hide the demographic collapse already underway in the latter because of the last 70 years of disastrous bipartisan policy choices (remember GHWB’s pro-contraceptive advocacy in the 1970s) as well as (2) to allow the kleptocrats of the former to stay in power.

  19. TonyO says:

    If by some miracle say Cardinal Burke was elected pope tomorrow, he still would have to deal with a “deep state” in the Vatican.

    Sure, there is a whole bureaucracy there that is problematic. But the head of the Vatican has power and can affect things – he has much more power, in the Vatican, than the President has in Washington, because every single functionary there serves at the pleasure of the pope, and he can change rules (including canon law) where he decides to, he doesn’t have to ask Congress to change a law. Not that a good pope would necessarily make sweeping, wholesale changes like evicting the entire bureaucracy, but he can make sweeping retail changes if he had alternatives in mind, without having to ask pretty-please of the legislature.

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  21. Agathon says:

    I — a middle-class average family man who has spent decades just trying to make ends meet — am so tired of the non-stop lecturing on consumerism, “culture of waste,” etc., from my shepherds. So tired.

  22. Semper Gumby says:

    TonyO: Good points.

    Markus: Those novels are interesting.

    Josephus Muris Saliensis wrote:

    “And almost more fun (deliciously wickedly) is that most people will not have the faintest ideas what you or I are talking about.”

    How fortunate for Josephus Muris Saliensis that he enjoys Enlightenment not bestowed on the Unwashed Masses. Perhaps he has ascended to the ranks of Our Guardians.

    “One really should not make comments about the Holy Father of this sort, whatever one thinks. They damage our souls, and cause scandal to others.”

    A few months ago Jorge Bergoglio dropped the title “Vicar of Christ” and listed himself as “Jorge Mario Bergoglio” in the Vatican yearbook.
    These days most of the Vatican hierarchy is a nuisance and even a menace to the Christian life. Cheers.

    Agathon: Yes, what would be helpful is for the Vatican to stop bleating like a leftist NGO and stick to the Great Commission. Sure, there’s no champagne and caviar with the likes of Jeffrey Sachs, Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Bishop Sorondo…

    …but the long-term benefits plan of working on the Great Commission is out of this world.

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