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Cardinals and Bishops issue a “Declaration of Truths” intended to “aid” the Supreme Pontiff

A small group including Card. Burke and Bp. Schneider have issued a Declaration of Truths comprising some 40 paragraphs over 8-pages under various subheadings, and have also issued an Explanatory note comprising some 1300 words and 2 single spaced pages. … Read More

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UPDATED: Ed Peters provides refreshing clarity about force of odd papal letter to Argentinian bishops

UPDATE: Joseph Shaw has some observations about the appearance of the Pope’s letter to the Bishops of Buenos Aires in AAS.  HERE Among other things he states: There is, however, more to making something part of the magisterium, and therefore … Read More

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ASK FATHER: How are we supposed to remain Catholic these days?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: How are we supposed to remain Catholic in these days? A commission to study women deacons, after 2-3 previous studies said no? Beg forgiveness from gays? As if the Church was ever wrong to oppose the vice I’ve … Read More

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More theological gobbledygook about degrees of doctrinal authority

There is a piece at Jesuit-run Amerika.  I was going to post about it earlier, but a theologian friend of mine sent me an email about it with some analysis.  With his permission I repost some of what he wrote … Read More

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Of Cardinals and Canaries

A post by the distinguished scholar Fr. John Hunwicke caught my eye. Here it is, in toto, but do check the comments over there as well.  My emphases: Cardinal Rodriguez [That’s Oscar Card. Rodiguez Maradiaga… Archbp. of Tegucigalpa, sometimes referred … Read More

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What is Card. Baldissieri up to?

Edward Pentin, of the National Catholic Register, quoted an antipasto of an article in De Standaard (and HERE) about an interview with a Belgian publication, Tertio, given by Pope Francis’ head of the Synod of Bishops, Lorenzo Card. Balidissieri. Reportage … Read More

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A Pastor’s Page: We are Catholic to the extent that we accept Church teaching in its entirety.

My dear friend, the great Fr. George Welzbacher (Class of 1951!), on my list of the smartest men I’ve ever known, has one of the best “Pastor’s Page” weekly offerings you’ll find in any parish bulletin. Before you read what … Read More

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The Death Penalty – being “vindictive” in the Church’s Magisterium

Fr. George Rutler has a fascinating and mind-concentrating bit at the site of Crisis.  I hope it will encourage both you and others.   Go check out Crisis for sure, but lest anyone in laziness not click over there, here is … Read More

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SSPX Statement: We wait for the “serious debate” which will bring ecclesiastic authorities back to Tradition

At the SSPX site DICI we read the General Chapter Statement. Bottom line: Not negative, but clarificatory.  They left the door open for more discussions under Archbp. Di Noia. You can read the whole thing there, but here is the … Read More

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Card. Brandmüller: Vatican II Declarations do not contain “binding doctrinal content”

From Catholic World News: Cardinal: ‘binding doctrinal content’ not major part of breach between Holy See, SSPX The Second Vatican Council’s declarations on non-Christian religions and religious freedom do not contain “binding doctrinal content,” Cardinal Walter Brandmüller said at a … Read More

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SSPX German Superior Fr. Schmidberger on Benedict XVI in Germany: Coincidence?

During an interview the SSPX Superior for Germany, Fr. Franz Schmidberger, made and interesting comment about the Holy Father’s visit in Germany.    Original German. He gave an opinion about the style of the Papal Masses. The following is from the … Read More

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Fr. Breen retracts his dissenting statement made on his video

I note on the site of CMR that the priest in the Diocese of Nashville, Fr. Joseph Breen, who posted a video some time ago containing his own dissident statements. The diocesan bishop, H.E. David Choby, gave Fr. Breen an … Read More

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South African Bishop stands against Benedict XVI’s restoration of the Church

The National Catholic Fishwrap reproduced on its site a talk given by South African Bishop Kevin Dowling (about whom WDTPRS has written before).  I think they were especially interested to support Bp. Dowling’s talk, because he attacks what he called … Read More

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