VIDEO which could help some participate more fully at the Traditional Latin Mass (and probably Novus Ordo too)

A young priest of Denver, Fr. David Nix, put together a video about a year ago, in which, while he says a Traditional Latin Low Mass, he superimposes quotes from St. Francis de Sales – reflections on each step of Holy Mass – and interposes relevant clips from Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

It’s pretty interesting and it could help some people enter into the sacred action with a fuller and more conscious and actual participation.

Here’s the tweet I saw, which alerted me to the video.

Right now it has 3654 views.

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  1. mbarry says:

    Thanks for posting this. I need all the help I can get with the “old” mass!

  2. Gab says:

    Thank you to both Fathers for this. I am always trying to understand the Mass – I don’t mean the Latin, I mean in terms of what is occurring during Mass in the atemporal sense.

  3. tho says:

    Father, that video was overwhelming. Everyone on earth should watch it. Thank you.

  4. BaldMonk says:

    I love this! This is sooooo catechetical. I will share for sure.

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    Thanks to Fr. Nix and Fr. Z for this video, well done.

    A month or so ago Fr. Nix discussed Pro-Life Issues with Taylor Marshall: abortion clinics, protests and various methods, civil rights, John Brown, CCC 2242-43, and Alabama HB314. Timothy Gordon remarked on: Nullification, “will not enforce,” Constitutional crisis, funded mandates, and states rights (subsidiarity).

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