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Francis: “I get ‘existential hives’ when I see that everyone takes it out against the Church and Pius XII”

I buried the lead.  When I wrote HERE about that Vanguardia story, recounted by CNA, I didn’t mention the most important thing. Pope Francis stuck up for Ven. Pius XII: […] One of your projects is to open the Vatican … Read More

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Yad Vashem softens portrayal of Pope Pius XII

From WaPo: Israel’s national Holocaust memorial softens portrayal of wartime Pope Pius JERUSALEM — Israel’s national Holocaust memorial has toned down its account of Pope Pius XII’s conduct toward the massacre of Jews during of World War II, following a … Read More

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U of Minn-Duluth hosts Holocaust event including aggressively anti-Catholic elements

From the Catholic League about a matter of spectacularly crass anti-Catholicism at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. The U of M is a land-grant institution funded by taxes. Therefore, public money is being spent on this anti-Catholic display. Furthermore, an institution … Read More

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In SSPX news today…

First, we learn that SSPX Bp. Williamson, convicted in absentia in a German court for denying the WWII “Holocaust” (a crime in Germany), has appealed his conviction and fine of €10,000. Next, we learn that the Holy See’s spokesman, Fr. … Read More

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SSPX Bp. Williamson convicted by German court for Holocaust denial

From NPR and, of course, AP: Bishop Convicted For Denying Holocaust by The Associated Press BERLIN April 16, 2010, 10:14  A German court convicted ultraconservative British Bishop Richard Williamson on Friday for denying the Holocaust in a television interview. A … Read More

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And now for this lighter note… about SSPX Bishop Williamson

Pain is a matter of perspective and priority.  You cease to think of your headache if you hit your thumb with a hammer. After the last couple of weeks of slime in the MSM, how pleasant it seems – by … Read More

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