Jesuit Homosexualist Activist James Martin’s recent spittle-flecked nutty. Reactions.

Liber scriptus proferetur…

As the canonization of St. John Henry Newman rolled up and rolled over us in Rome, I had anticipated that the Jesuit homosexualist activist ringleader, James Martin, would weaponize the saint because of Newman’s strong friendship with a man.

It seems to me that homosexual attraction is a perversion of friendship, hence it is so useful to the Enemy.   It could be that those who suffer from this disordered inclination have a difficult time imagining that men can be extremely close friends without sexualizing their friendship.

Martin tweeted these ghastly tweets. Note how slithery they are.

“We may never know for sure.”

Well, yes, we will. At the Last Judgment when liber scriptus proferetur in quo totum continetur.

Here’s where I redirect you to One Mad Mom, who has clearly had it with Martin’s duplicity.

Martin is at a retreat with openly homosexual clergy. LifeSite called it the “Portal of Hell” and Martin had a spittle-flecked nutty on Facebook.

In his spittle-flecked nutty on Facebook, Martin repeatedly claimed – apparently through his psychic powers – that all the men at the retreat are “living out the Catechism’s call for celibacy”.   First, how does he know that?  Next, what confusing language.   Celibacy means “not marrying”, while chastity means “proper use of the sexual abilities depending on your state in life”, while continence means “no use at all of the sexual powers”.

Please note that the call for celibacy was given and responded to at ordination. Yes, the CCC explains celibacy and the clerical state, but it could be that he is really referring to continence through the misapplication of the term “celibacy” (the commitment not to marry).    Orrr… he’s saying, “Well, they’re not married, are they?  So, they’re ‘faithful’!”  Get the slithery idea?

By the way, Martin has problems with the language the Catechism about homosexuality as being intrinsically disordered and wants it changed. The only reason why he would want it changed is because he wants the Church to change what she teaches about homosexuality.  He thinks it is normal.

Also, while Martin defends this “gay” (I hate that word) retreat for priests and religious (Martin claims “bishops”, too), the local Archbishop, Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee hasn’t viewed it favorably. He blasted it last year as being neither approved nor Catholic. HERE

Let’s be perfectly clear.  Three points.

First, homosexual acts are particularly grave sins.  They are peccata clamantia, “screaming sins” that “cry to heaven for vengeance”, in that they demand justice from God. Sorry, I’m not making this up.

Next, certain sins attract certain demons and given them leave to attach to the people and the places where the sins where committed.  This is so in the case of homosexual acts.  Again, I’m not making this up.  Ask a reliable exorcist.   This is why I have on occasion recommended that priests and bishops go through every room of every rectory, every school, every sacristy and church hall and the church itself and all around the grounds, blessing the places and even performing – privately – the exorcism in Chapter 3, the long-form St. Michael Prayer.  Bishops should do this in their chanceries and their cathedrals and any other place where a priest might ask the bishop to come.  Is there something more important on your schedule, Your Excellency?  If there is anything for which bishops are consecrated it’s along these lines, not committee meetings.  BATTER THE POWERS OF HELL with everything your have in your arsenal!

Finally, I fervently believe that men with strong homosexual inclinations should stay out of seminary or leave the seminary before ordination.  However, if they are ordained, I truly hold that homosexual men who are now ordained must not reveal that they have this appetite or attraction in order to avoid scandal.  In the case that they have revealed it publicly, then they must publicly redress the scandal they caused and try to be a good advocate for continence, etc.  NB: The rest of us must never look down on these men who have put their lives right.  Don’t we want conversions?  Moreover, I am convinced that if they remain chaste, and suffer, they will win a glorious crown in heaven and their place among the saved will be very high indeed.  If their suffering is greater than others, then their graces too will be greater and their rewards will be as well.   I do not doubt it for a moment.   Overcoming the inclination and embracing the Cross can be a path to glory in heaven.

What will lead souls to Hell, on the other hand, is ambiguity and the ideological wink and jesuitical nudge tactic of creeping incrementalism to overturn commonsense, natural law, the clear teaching of the Church and the precepts of God.

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  1. Peter Stuart says:

    Still riled about Martin and his sleazy posts. I’m convinced that the Jesuits and this church under this pope don’t have much use for struggling SSAs like me, except as props for their agenda. (Fr. Mitch Pacwa seems to be an exception though.) My SSPX confessor (may God reward him!) seems to have a different opinion from Martin about accompaniment, although Martin would probably have thrown another fit if he’d heard Father’s no-coddle guidance in the box yesterday morning.

  2. veritas vincit says:

    Keep fighting the good fight, Peter Stuart! My God bless you! May St Joseph, the Terror of Demons and model of purity, come to your aid!

    As for anyone, priest or lay, publicly accepting the label of “gay” while proclaiming that they are chaste, that is dangerous. Besides the mixed message to the faithful, that person is putting a target on their backs, inviting the SSA community to subvert their chastity. I know of one man, a married (to a woman) blogger who acknowledged being “gay” whose marriage eventually fell apart, due in large measure to outside pressure.

    And if Fr James Martin were really concerned about maintaining chastity, he would have no part in such self-identification — to say nothing of being involved with the sanctioned “New Ways Ministry”.

  3. seeker says:

    Prayers for you PS, and they don’t have much use for a lot of us. I believe what my parents and grandparents and great-grandparents believed. Not clear why it was good for them but not for me.

  4. mo7 says:

    In my limited experience with Italian [researching genealogy] ‘celibe’ was used on vital documents like death or marriage certificates because it means ‘unmarried’.

  5. ArthurH says:

    A cradle Catholic, who attended 16 years of Catholic ed, I was outside the Church for about 25 years before re-verting back in following a Pauline-like experience.

    What helped me out of the Church–I was already headed there having inhaled too deeply the 60’s zeitgeist– was exactly what you describe above re priests’… “ambiguity and the ideological wink and jesuitical nudge tactic of creeping incrementalism. ”

    Back then it was over B/C, and their winking at how to get around that issue; I figured if they did not believe in a God who knew such games, why should I. WRONG. Other factors had me head to the East and Buddhism, then humanism, the New Age…. the “varieties of religious experience, all of which I at least tried to take seriously… but by my rules! Then I “got it” with a smack by Him across the side of the head to break my thrall and turn me around.

    Today NOTHING could get me to leave, not even this increasing heterodoxy seemingly on so many hierarchical fronts.

  6. Benedict Joseph says:

    Nothing is exempt from being enlisted in the justification of aberrance. It is symptomatic of the depth disorientation and desperation. Why would Newman be spared when this crew has abused the Lord Himself and the very Gospel?

  7. hwriggles4 says:

    I find that it is a challenge to be a single straight male today, particularly if you are 40-ish. I know it’s more common for marriage between the ages of 30 and 36, but some people think that if a man is over 30 and not married, that he is homosexual.

    When I get together with a few buddies, we might go on a hiking trip, go to a sporting event, an auto show, or go have beer and food somewhere. If I go to a movie with a couple buddies, it’s normally an action film or a superhero film. Male friendship is healthy, and in my young adult group many of us guys roomed together, and quite a few Catholic women we knew lived in community together. Having roommate situations like this is healthy, and in addition to saving money, it does help single people who are called to marriage from getting too set in their ways.

    Like many single straight men (and women) I have even had some relatives look at me like, “oh, your forty two and not married, what’s the problem?” Nothing…I recall through the magic of re runs that Felix and Oscar had productive lives, and that included chaste relationships with their dates.

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