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Coverage of Summorum Pontificum conference for 10th anniversary

The conference for the 10th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum has received some coverage. For example, there is a highly tendentious and partial piece from AP, predictably from Nichole Winfield. This is ludicrous and incomplete.     First, I am pretty sure … Read More

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Peters on Allen on Francis’s silence on abortion, etc.

You heard, I’me sure, about the huge lay-run “Family Day” event in Rome that drew vast crowds from all over the peninsula to the City. Pope Francis and the Italian bishops were un-involved and even silent about this big and important manifestation … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z sends his readers to Crux… yes… you read that right.

My friend the nearly ubiquitous John L. Allen, Jr, formerly of the Fishwrap and now with the Boston Globe, at the site of his new project Crux has a fun column. I don’t get to say “fun” about Crux very often, … Read More

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John Allen, Crux, and Why 1 Million Catholics Don’t Matter

John L. Allen, Jr. at Crux wrote about the SSPX and the former SSPX Bp. Williamson, a renegade who has by now consecrated another bishop. There is something pretty chilling in Allen’s tone, when you read him carefully.  You’ll see what I … Read More

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John Allen pulled a fast one over at Crux about the Synod

A preliminary list of some of the bishop-members of next October’s Synod of Bishops to discuss “the family” has been released.  There are big holes in the membership still, since many conferences haven’t yet elected officers, etc.  You can tell … Read More

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John Allen on Pope Francis’ targeting of conservatives, traditionalists

Over at Crux (and my jury is still out… sort of… well… maybe not so much), John Allen posted something about how it seems that, under Pope Francis, conservatives and traditionalists are under fire. Does Pope Francis have an enemies … Read More

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Of comments on religious persecution and of John Allen’s new book.

The Fishwrap‘s solitary boast, the nearly ubiquitous John L. Allen, Jr., has good text on (inter alia) the persecution of Christians – a topic on which he is über-credible.  He includes comments made by Card. Turkson.  This deserves your attention: … Read More

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Ultra-liberal NPR manages decent interviews about the LCWR dust-up. Donna Bethell shines.

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! I read the transcript (there is also audio available) of an National Public Radio segment on the recent develops between the American Bishops, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and the Leadership … Read More

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“if you want peace, …”

The nearly ubiquitous John Allen, the solitary boast of the NCR, has a lengthy wrap-up of the Holy Father’s trip to Africa. A reader pointed out to me that Mr Allen wrote about Pope Benedict’s exhortation to be and remain … Read More

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QUAERUNTUR: Of several issues, personal and other, with a few rants

I have far too many emails in my box about several points.  I hope with this I can put them to rest. The resignation of Amb. Kmiec.  What do I think? I think what I wrote before about the poor … Read More

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NCR’s John L. Allen on African symposium about dangers of Western Secularism

Here is a fascinating piece by John L. Allen, who sadly is still writing for the National Catholic Reporter.  In his posting Allen shows both his worth as a Catholic journalist along with his own positions.  He conveys useful information … Read More

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New Motu Proprio on “new liturgical movement”?

My friend the nearly-ubiquitous fair-minded John L. Allen, Jr., still sadly writing for the unworthy National Catholic Reporter, has an piece today on Pope Benedict at his promotion of a new liturgical movement. I have long contended that this Pope … Read More

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Card. George’s interview with John Allen: “the nature of the Church”

The fair-minded nearly-ubiquitous John Allen, sadly still with the National Catholic Reporter, posted the transcript of his interview with His Eminence Francis Card. George of Chicago, now President of the USCCB. There has been a question about what Card. George … Read More

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Fr. Z’s analysis of Mr. Allen’s analysis of Card. Pell going to Rome

My friend John L. Allen Jr., the fair-minded, the nearly ubiquitous, who sadly still writes for the ultra-liberal NRC, analyzes the possibility that the next Prefect for the Congregation for Bishops may be Sydney’s George Card. Pell. Here is the … Read More

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John Allen takes a look at Archbp. Burke

My friend John Allen, the fair-minded nearly ubiquitous columnist of the otherwise ultra-lefty fishwrap National Catholic Reporter, has an interesting piece about His Excellency Most Rev. Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. When Archbp. Burke was brought to Rome … Read More

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John Allen on upcoming SSPX Summit

My friend John L. Allen, the nearly ubiquitous fair-minded correspondent of the ultra-lefty dissenting National Catholic Reporter is a good analyst. In his weekly Friday letter he drills into the upcoming talks that are soon to begin between the SSPX … Read More

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Fr. Z to Card. Cottier: Check your facts!

The Italian monthly 30 Giorni published an article purportedly by His Eminence Georges Card. Cottier, 87, the former papal theologian under the late Pope John Paul II. In 2005 Card. Cottier retired at the age of 83. Was Fr. Wojciech … Read More

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