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Reason #668948 for the new, corrected translation

For 9 September: Saint Peter Claver in the Ordinary Form. COLLECT (2002 MR): Deus, qui beatum Petrum servorum servum effecisti eumque mira in eis iuvandis caritate et patientia roborasti, eius nobis intercessione concede, ut, qua Iesu Christi sunt, quaerentes, proximos … Read More

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FLASH! Fr. Z agrees with Winters of the NCFishwrap. Freezing of Hell to follow.

Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter Fishwrap and I are both carbon-based life forms.  I don’t think we have agreed on much else. That said, on a day when I also agree with something on the site of … Read More

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QUAERITUR: New translation of Confiteor omitted from Mass today.

From a reader: Dear Fr Z, I’ve just been to Mass, using the new translation for the first time.  [hmmm] I was looking forward to the Confiteor, but our priest left it out. Was that because it was a weekday? … Read More

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Critics of the new, corrected translation would have, back in the day, resisted also the King James Bible

It is often said, by liberals, that because in ancient Rome there was a shift from Greek to Latin for the Roman liturgy, and since Latin was the vernacular back then, we should abandon Latin now and use the vernacular … Read More

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Bishops of England and Wales on the New Corrected Translation

The bishops of England and Wales are asking that a Pastoral Letter about the new, corrected translation of the Roman Missal be read on Sunday 29 May.  I noticed it on the blog Caritas in Veritate of my friend Fr. … Read More

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