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How is what Paul VI did to the Mass entirely unlike what Pius V did?

From the great Fr. John Hunwicke at his elevating blog Mutual Enrichment [emphases and comments mine]: Popes, Liturgy, and Authority (3): S PIUS V compared with S PAUL VI and PF We are sometimes told that the imposition of a new … Read More

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30 April (N.O.) – St Pius V – A Pope who dealt with clerical depravity

Today in the Novus Ordo calendar is the Feast of St. Pius V, a great Pope, at the time of the important Battle of Lepanto. Some years ago I made a podcast about Pius V and his bull Quo primum.  HERE … Read More

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30 April (NO) – St Pius V – A saint against clerical depravity

Allow me today, the Novus Ordo Feast of St Pius V, to repost something edifying and useful.   NB: Pius V’s feast is observed in the traditional Roman calendar on 5 May. _______ At The Josias, which a friend and patron … Read More

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“O God, who deigned to choose blessed Pius to be Pontifex Maximus in order to smash the enemies of your Church to bits”

Today is the ninth day before Pentecost.  Hence, today is the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord.  Notice that today is THURSDAY. However, in the traditional Roman calendar, used with the 1962 Missale Romanum, today is the feast of … Read More

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Happy Anniversary ‘Quo primum’!

Today is the anniversary of the Apostolic Constitution Quo primum of St. Pius V, by which – following on the workd of the Council of Trent – the saintly Pope promulgated the Missale Romanum in 1570. Quo primum set the … Read More

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Bishop calls England to conversion to Christ. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Disease with global killing potential is on the rise. Militant Islamism is on the rise. Homosexualism is on the rise. The Dictatorship of Relativism has weakened Western Civilization to the point of collapse so that hostile forces with satanic direction … Read More

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“brutal, cruel, ferocious and inhuman crimes”

On the Pro Life Wisconsin blog there is a good remind of how strong has been the Church’s teaching – not “policy” as many liberals, even catholics, claim – about abortion. In 1588, Pope Sixtus V issued a Papal Bull, called … Read More

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OLDIE PODCAzT 84: St. Pius V and Quo primum

An oldie PODCAzT for today, which in the feast of St. Pius V in the older, traditional Roman calendar: On this feast of St. Pope Pius V (+1572) I drill into one of his most famous acts as Roman Pontiff.  … Read More

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QUAERITUR: “Litanies of the Love of God” by St. Pius V

A friend here in NYC asked an interesting question yesterday.  I want to enlist the help of other readers to come up with the answer. Here are the basics.  Apparently Pope Pius V wrote a "Litanies of the Love of … Read More

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PODCAzT 84: St. Pius V and Quo primum

On this feast of St. Pope Pius V (+1572) I drill into one of his most famous acts as Roman Pontiff.  Today we look into and listen to his Apostolic Constitution Quo primum, by which he promulgated the editio princeps … Read More