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U.S. priest in L’Osservatore Romano promotes either dissoluble marriage or polygamy

You have to pay attention to language, especially in the hands of libs.   They twist and they turn.  They set you up with implicit premises which you might breeze right by.   They lead you astray and into the dark places … Read More

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Italian Islamic leader wants legal recognition of polygamy

Now that “gay” (I hate that word now)  rights are secured, thanks to a feckless few unelected justices on the SCOTUS, the next barriers to be broken down are, first, polygamy, and then pedophilia. I saw at Crux … Italian … Read More

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Same-sex marriages, and then polygamy, and then…

Same-sex approval in law will lead to all sorts of aberrations from nature.  Ultimately, I think the true goal is elimination of the age of consent.  Meanwhile, the erosion continues. For example, from Fox411: ‘Sister Wives’ family cites gay marriage … Read More

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