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SCOTUS Nominee endorsed by Planned Parenthood

From Live Action News: Obama nominee Garland sided against Priests for Life in contraception mandate case As Americans attempt to discern the views of Judge Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s nominee to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, … Read More

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Justice Thomas asked a question!

There is a great account in The Atlantic about the moment Justice Clarence Thomas asked his first question in the Court in a full decade and a handful of days. Excerpt: Clarence Thomas Breaks His Silence The Supreme Court justice … Read More

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SCOTUS DECISIONS: strikes down “buffer zones” at abortion clinics

I just heard that the Supreme Court of the United States, in a unanimous decision, struck down “buffer zones” around the clinical profit centers of big-business abortion. I also heard that SCOTUS found that Pres. Obama’s so-called recess appointments to … Read More

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SCOTUS v Marriage

Dreadful news from the Supreme Court: Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act provision The Supreme Court has struck down a federal provision denying benefits to legally married gay couples. The 5-4 decision found the Defense of Marriage Act … Read More

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Pres. Obama has promoted abortion 241 times. Do you want him to choose two more Supreme Court Justices?

If re-elected, Pres. Obama would probably get to nominate two more Supreme Court Justices. Think about that. No vote at all is a “yes” vote for Obama. Now read this from Life News: President Obama’s Abortion Record: Promoting Abortion 241 Times … Read More

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ALL Supreme Court Decision discussion HERE – POLL OPEN

POLL BELOW It seems that, in some convoluted way, Obamacare was somewhat upheld by the Supreme Court. That means that the law under which the the Obama Administration’s “HHS mandate” is still a threat to our religious liberty. Here is … Read More

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The Final Frontier of the Civil Rights Movement

One of the greatest victories of feminists and left – including their catholic dupes and water-carriers – was to divorce the issue abortion from civil rights (and in the context of the Church, social justice) and twist it instead into … Read More

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Pres. Obama’s problematic proclamation for National Day of Prayer (3 May)

In the wake of Pres. Obama’s direct attacks on the 1st Amendment both in its religious liberty clause and freedom of speech clause, in the wake of the Pres. Obama’s bungling of the Chen Guangcheng Affair, I read this on CNA: … Read More

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“If it wasn’t for health care…”

The nice UPS gal swooped in with a review DVD from First Run Films about the late Archbishop Oscar Romero.  I’ll probably watch it tonight. In our brief chat, I mentioned how impressed I was that UPS and FedEx can move … Read More

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Chief Justice Roberts: stare decisis is not an ‘inexorable command’ – overturning Roe v Wade

I have so much to read that I quail at the idea of more.  Still, after a reader alerted me to this, I am thinking that perhaps I did not make a mistake by putting Newsmax on my wishlist.   My … Read More

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