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The image of the badge of the Vendée came to mind today

The other day, I saw a stage of the Tour de France that was in the Vendée. Today is the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Carmelites of Compiègne. I’ve been watching the lunatic frenzy and eruptions of malice from … Read More

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FILM REVIEW: The War of the Vendée

“They have killed our temporal king. Now they want to kill heavenly king. Who is worth fighting for, and even dying for, if not Him?” That is a line from the soon-to-be released film by Navis Pictures called The War … Read More

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A glimpse from the Tour de France

I usually follow the Tour de France.  I did some biking when I was younger. The Tour got off to a rocky start today, with some drama toward the end: massive pile-ups in the peloton, etc. The TV coverage is … Read More

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