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Celebrations “ad orientem”

There is discussion of Mass ad orientem in another entry.  I remember some time ago I wrote a response on one of my columns to a writer asking about rubrics and ad orientem celebrations.  Here is the relevant part (some … Continue reading

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Magister on the French Conference and the “Tridentine” Mass

Sandro Magister has a very good article this week about the French Conference’s meeting, the issue of the possible "indult" and other related things.  Here is one of best snips: Benedict XVI wants to heal this schism – which is, … Continue reading

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Request for help with a quote/citation

I need some help with something. People often claim that St. Teresa of Avila said that in a vision she saw soul falling like snowfalkes into hell. When I search around the web, I find the claim, but never a concrete citation from her works. Does anyone out there have it? Continue reading

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A different morning view

Usually I show you shots from my westward facing window toward St. Peter’s.  And why woulnd’t I?  I do have other windows, however.  Here is an early morning shot toward the south east, nearly into the sun.  

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