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Indult, Milingo, and Anglicans

Some people are making connections between the wacky schismatic leanings of the strange Archbishop Milingo and the possible derestriction of the "Tridentine" Mass via an indult issued by the Pope and dialogue with Anglicans, even consideration of the Anglican Use … Continue reading

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The Saturno… always good for a photo

Yes, the saturno is available in Rome.  So much have the times changed that you even see it in clerical shop window… along with other hats more than a few clerics of my acquaintance would like to have, alas.

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Cat Street

Do you remember Fr. Foster?  His new Latin Academy is located in Rome on the Via della Gatta… "Kitty Avenue".  "But Father! But Father!", you ask, scratching your heads, "Why is it called "Cat Street?  Are there cats there?!?" In … Continue reading

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Turning the Tables

This was an commentary on an editorial article in Notitiae of May 1993, which I translated from the Italian original. The translation was published in the Winter 1993 issue quarterly journal Sacred Music and this commentary appeared in Spring 1994. … Continue reading

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