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A fun link

Some of the readers of this blog have blogs of their own.  I am grateful when you link to me.  (Feel free to add WDTPRS to your list.) I always enjoy looking at the different blogs that give me referrals.  … Continue reading

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Dedication of St. Peter’s Basilica

It is a Solemnity in the Sacrosanct Basilica of St. Peter today, for today is the anniversary of its dedication in 1626. The Basilica has its own Proper for various days of the year. Here is the Collect for today’s … Continue reading

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NPR: American Catholics and “Tridentine” Mass

There is an audio clip of an NPR show (National Public Radio) about the issue of new Mass and old Mass, English and Latin. There are some howler errors in the piece, but it worth listening to. Biretta tip to … Continue reading

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Simply too funny

Over at the Shrine I saw this. It is too funny. Continue reading

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Palm Beach Post: “Latin creates and preserves mystery. English dilutes it.”

The Palm Beach Post has a very sensible editorial today on the issue of Latin as the language for Holy Mass.  Here it is (my emphasis and comments): Latin Mass would restore mystery By Steve Gushee Palm Beach Post Staff … Continue reading

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AFQB: Kissing Hands/Objects in “Tridentine Mass”

I had this question in the ASK FATHER Question Box recently.  Here it is with my response. Classical Latin Mass: Follow-up to Kissing Hands/Objects By Anonymous on Tuesday, November 14, 2006 – 2:45 am Fr. Zuhlsdorf, In a previous thread … Continue reading

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