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Question for users of this blog

Quaeritur:  Are any of you making use of the "Recent Comments" links I put on the left side bar? Also, I have discovered the blog looks different when using MS IE as compared to Firefox (which is the browser I … Continue reading

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What Does Pope Benedict Really Say? Who knows!?

There is a must read article by Sandro Magister on the problems the Holy See is having in actually reporting what Pope Benedict is really saying.  Here at WDTPRS we have dealt with this before. He is a engaging snip … Continue reading

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The Blessed Sacrament: minimum daily requirement

I happily tip my biretta to The Ironic Catholic and Catholic and Enjoying It! for the following.

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What do Episcopalians really say?

I ask you…. Reluctant biretta tip to Whitehall for this unfortunate graphic.  o{]:¬( How those of that communion, trying to be well-meaning and faithful to what they know, must suffer. I have a solution for them.

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Prayer of Thanksgiving.

Prayer for a Votive Mass of Thanksgiving from the 1962 Missale Romanum V. Dominus vobiscum.R. Et cvm spiritu tuo. Orémus. Deus, cujus misericórdiænon est númeruset bonitátis infinítus estthesáurus: piíssimæ majestátituæ pro collátis donis grátiaságimus, tuam semper cleméntiamexorántes; ut, qui peténtibuspostuláta … Continue reading

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