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French politics and “Tridentine” Mass

Does anyone think these days about the "derestricting" of the "Tridentine" Mass? I still do. You might remember when everything was flying furiously a few fair weeks ago that the French bishops went bananas about the possibility of an indult.  … Continue reading

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Glass House

When the Holy Father travels to Turkey, he will not be received there as a Head of State. There are consequences for protocol. It was also announced recently that the Pope’€™s welcome has been downgraded to a second-class protocol instead … Continue reading

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Kudos to Valle Adurni

You must go over to Valle Adurni for the blow by blow description, with pictures, of the Papal Coronation of John XXIII. There are some VERY funny editorial comments interspersed with Father’s descriptions of the ceremonies: After the Holy Father’s … Continue reading

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Caption request


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Facing the East… and a QUIZ

Put everything down and read this: The Byzantine Divine Liturgy, like that of all the Eastern Churches, is celebrated facing East. The priest and all the faithful look to the East, whence Christ will come again in glory. The priest … Continue reading

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Official document from Rome on homosexual activity by clerics

Here is a rather strongly worded document issued by the Roman Pontiff on clerics who commit homosexual acts (Latin original followed by my translation): Contra quoscumque Clericos, tam saeculares quam regulares, nefandi criminis reos. PIUS EPISCOPUS (SANCTUS PIUS Pp. V)SERVUS … Continue reading

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Common Declarations and Deal Breakers

The Commmon Declaration, the Holy Father’s Address, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Address… ho hum. You’ve all seen them in the news and, with a yawn, maybe scanned them and moved along quickly to find something more interesting. I did. However, … Continue reading

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