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St. Louis: Archbp. Burke speak about the Extraordinary Form

The site of  MyFox in St. Louis, MO has a story about the Extraordinary Form of Mass with the 1962 Missale Romanum.  Let’s have a glance with my emphases and comments.   Look past the sloppy terminology "Latin Mass".      In … Continue reading

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People in Covington enjoy the use of the older form of Mass

Here is an uplifting article from the Cincinnati Enquirer about the situation of the older form of Mass in Covington, KY.  Summorum Pontificum is having an impact. My emphases and comments. Latin mass link to the agesWith Pope Benedict’s encouragement, … Continue reading

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8 Dec: Solemn Mass at the Cathedral of Southwark

I was very happy to receive the news that Solemn Mass will be sung at St. George’s Cathedral in Southwark (UK).  Here are some of the details: Solemn High Mass (Traditional Rite) 11am, Saturday 8th December, the Feast of the … Continue reading

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Crucifix in the center of the altar, corpus facing priest or facing people?

In regard to the photo posted here of the Holy Father saying Mass on Monday for his deceased predecessors, a question arose about the position of the Cross/Crucifix on the altar. The altar is the "Altar of the Chair" in … Continue reading

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Pres. Bush to appointment Mary Ann Glendon as Ambassador to the Holy See

This is actually pretty good news: Bush to Nominate Harvard Law Professor to Be Vatican AmbassadorAndrew MigaThe Associated Press11-06-2007 President Bush plans to nominate Harvard University law professor Mary Ann Glendon to be his new U.S. ambassador to the Vatican. … Continue reading

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