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Watchin’ a movie

I am watching the wonderful Cinderella Man and thinking of a friend, AF. There are a few inaccuracies, but I find a lot to appreciate in this film.  I wonder if we won’t be hearing about similar stories, living similar … Continue reading

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ALERT: calling denizons of NAPA

Look… those who know me will immediately assume I am after some good wine… and I am.  Always. However, this time… in addition to the wine, I am after information. I received this from an alert reader GS in MN  … Continue reading

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Dutch bishops: will train priests and seminarians in the TLM

The Dutch bisshops published an Latin/Dutch booklet containing the ordinary of the extraordinary use and are making preparations to teach the extraordinary use in the their seminaries and to their priests! This is in from a reader.   More than one … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: photo shop program

Which "photo shop" type program is best? Please balance versatility against cost.

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ITALY – TUSCANY: use of the older Mass grows

The Italian daily La Repubblica is reporting that since summorum Pontificum there has been growth in requests for the TLM. Apparently Masses are springing up everywhere, despite the fact that last April the bishops of Tuscany had sent a protest, … Continue reading

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