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About the “Whither Latin Novus Ordo?” entry

I got a wonderful e-mail: Dear Fr. Z, Thanks for the thread regarding Wither the Novus Ordo in Latin? I think it’s the best thread this blog has ever seen. It is one that makes your blog/journal by far, the … Continue reading

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Question for those who usually attend Mass with the Novus Ordo

This question is directed at those who attend Mass usually with the Novus Ordo, in any language. Time and again I hear that people very rarely, if ever, hear the Roman Canon, Eucharistic Prayer I, in their parishes. If you … Continue reading

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Catholic Herald: Catholicism – young – fresh – vigorous – returning to… France?

There is an interesting article in The Catholic Herald which merits attention.  The topic: the revival of traditional Catholicism in France. This article is interesting especially because it juxtaposes the tired old cliches of the agin-hippies with a more optimistic … Continue reading

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Before and After: you decide

The Curt Jester offers a chance to reflect: You decide Marini I Marini II    

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L’Osservatore Romano: Mons. Guido Marini on the position of the Cross for the concistory

In L’Osservatore Romano today we read a description of the recent papal ceremonies for the consistory.  The one explaining them is the Master of Pontifical Ceremonies Mons. Guido Marini. My translation and emphasis. Monsignor Guido Marini explains the ceremonyIn tradition … Continue reading

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Fr. Welzbacher’s Pastor’s Page on the Univ. of St. Thomas (MN)

Usually when I post on the "pastor’s page" of a parish bulletin, the results aren’t very pretty.  Unless, that is, when I post the observations of the gentlemanly and erudite Fr. George Welzbacher of St. John’s in St. Paul. Here … Continue reading

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8 Dec: TLM in West Orange NJ

I received this notice from a kind reader about an upcoming celebration of the older form of Mass for 8 December.  It looks like it is simply from a bulletin.  So, if you want to go and you don’t have … Continue reading

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