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Funny… and serious

As I flipped around some channels during a commercial I happened on an old war horse Rocky and paused for a moment.  A few seconds later, I saw this.
This is pretty funny… the Papist found it.

You know about those boxing … Continue reading

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Thanks go out to a reader

It was a dreadful day, and a painful as well.  
No I am not talking about the election results, though the election didn’t help.
But the UPS truck pulled up in the darkness. 
I was one of his last drops, it … Continue reading

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Avoid the dumb and the mean

"But Father! But Father!" some of you are writing to me.  "Why don’t you permit ‘anonymous’ comments?  After all, this is the internet.  You can’t really know who is posting.  What difference does it make?"
I think Aaron Sorkin put it … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Priest – “Can I celebrate ad orientam publicly without permission?”

A question from a priest reader:
I am a diocesan priest.  Can I celebrate the Novus Ordo ad orientem publicly without special permission?  Are there rubrics on how to celebrate ad orientem?
Reverend and Dear Father,
Yes, yes, yes!
You can certainly celebrate Holy … Continue reading

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A prayer, please.  I am going to have a dreadful day.

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Holy Relics

In the traditional Roman calendar, for the Extraordinary Use, today is the Feast of Holy Relics.
No, we are not celebrating your superannuated pastor.

If you have any relics I suggest you bring them out, perhaps put a candle by them, and … Continue reading

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A prediction

With the election of President Elect Obama, I think we will now see a progressivist spill over in the Catholic sphere.  The progressivists will be emboldened now.  
They will, with their characteristic clarity of thought, connect the political shift and … Continue reading

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Sen. Coleman declared winner… not yet

I hear that the count is very close, but it seems that Sen. Coleman won in MN.
Thanks be to God.
Well… I guess not.

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Some stats about how Catholics voted

Here is an interesting chart from Beliefnet:
Weekly Churchgoers vs. Occasionals Tuesday November 4, 2008 … Continue reading

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