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PODCAzT 71: “Faith inscribed across your heart”: Benedict on Cyril of Jerusalem & Cyril on faith, your treasure

Today we hear what St. Cyril of Jerusalem (+387) says about faith, the faith handed down to us and which we must inscribe across our hearts.  Our faith is a gift, a treasure for which we must given an account … Continue reading

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A retired bishop and a regular solemn TLM

A kind reader sent me this wonderful news and photo. I thought you might find it interesting to know that in the Diocese of Birmingham (Alabama) Bishop David Foley (Bishop Emeritus) is now offering a regular monthly High Mass!  This … Continue reading

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Eat The Black. Eat The Red.

Many thanks to RR of N.-D. for the gift of squid ink spaghetti! When I go to the "big city" I may have to look for some real "squid ink".  I know a place where I can get it, with … Continue reading

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And there will be (post-election) signs in the heavens

In the wake of the election I find the news of the Taurid meteor shower (or the "Bull shower") to be especially welcome. Here is news from SpaceWeather.com TAURID METEORS: The annual Taurid meteor shower is underway and it could … Continue reading

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DENVER – 9 Nov: Pontifical TLM

From a reader: Bishop Conley to celebrate Latin Mass The public is invited to join Denver Auxiliary Bishop James D. Conley as he celebrates a Tridentine Mass, the Latin-language liturgy used before the Second Vatican Council, on Nov. 9.   … Continue reading

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Fun for the well-read

This from a reader: Anyone interested in attending a Barak Obama inauguration rally while wearing t-shirts that say "I am John Galt" and waving signs that say "No You Kant"?   ROFL!

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Remember my prediction?

Remember my prediction?  I opined that in the wake of the election of Pres.-Elect Obama, there would be spill-over in the Church.  Some would apply their political paradigm to the internal workings of the Church. This is an interesting piece … Continue reading

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11 Jan: Chicago – Pontifical TLM

Here is something to plan around if you are within striking distance of Chicago on 11 January ’09.  (WOW… not that far away!) From a reader: On Sunday, January 11th, the Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry, Auxiliary Bishop of the … Continue reading

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Folks… please do me a favor if sending photos

Please do me a favor when sending photos. Please don’t embed them in the body of your e-mail. Attach them as files. Embedding them creates more work for me.  When I see more work staring me in the face, I … Continue reading

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Photo request

Does anyone have photos of His Excellency Most Reverend R. Walter Nickless of Sioux City, Iowa celebrating in black vestments last weekend?

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Celebrating Holy Relics and St. Charles Borromeo

My friend Fr. Jeff Moore is in Switzerland, at the Collegio Papio in Ascona. The place was established by St. Charles Borromeo. He celebrated the Feast of Holy Relics in a way the saint would have easily recognized.

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A Bishop to speak at Call To Action in Milwaukee

Here is an alarming note from a reader: I just came across the following information regarding the group Call to Action and their national conference to be held Nov 7-9, 2008 in Milwaukee, WI. I did not know the  nature  … Continue reading

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A good use for OCP products

From a priest reader… finally a good use for something sent out by OCP.

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QUAERITUR: When to cross yourself at Benediction

From a reader: I have a question that I haven’t been able to find an answer to. During Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, when the priest traces the sign of the cross with the monstrance, should the members of the … Continue reading

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More black. Take up the cause!

"Give us back our black!" Let this be the cry of the Catholic in the age of reclaiming continuity. This is from a reader: Photos from the first Tridentine Requiem in 43 years in the cavernous Upper Church of the … Continue reading

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