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A reminder of some PODCAzT content: 072 08-11-11 The death of St. Martin; starlings, cuckolds, bell ringing and a skull 071 08-11-06 "Faith inscribed across your heart": Benedict on Cyril of Jerusalem & Cyril on faith, your treasure 070 08-11-01 … Continue reading

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TLM in Fatima

Rorate is reporting that there is now a regular TLM in Fatima, in the Diocese of Leiria-Fatima. Look also here. Who can tell us more?

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Greenville, SC: Fr. Newman’s post-election bulletin

At St. Mary’s in Greenville, SC, Fr. J. Scott Newman issued the following. My emphases. Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome9 November 2008 Dear Friends in Christ, We the People have spoken, and the 44th President of the United … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s “social” encyclical delayed

Paolo Rodari at Palazzo Apostolico has this (my translation) From good and reliable Vatican sources it has come to be known today that the long-awaited social encyclical which many, including Renato Raffaele Card. Martino, had predicted would come out in … Continue reading

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Advent is Coming and Christmas will soon be upon us

Advent is not merely about our preparation to receive once again the Christ Child at Bethlehem.  It is also about the Second Coming of the Lord as well as other ways in which the Lord comes to us. But the … Continue reading

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A gentle correction for Our Sunday Visitor about the SSPX and Summorum Pontificum

From the 9 November Our Sunday Visitor with my emphases and comments. By Msgr. M. Francis MannionSchismatic MassFather should be concerned about daughter’s involvement with Society of Pius X chapel Question: My ex-wife attends Mass at a chapel of the … Continue reading

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WashTimes on the dynamics within the USCCB on defending life

From the Washington Times with my emphases and comments. Double-minded bishopsBelief Blog POSTED November 11 2008 5:36 PM BY Julia Duin I spent much of yesterday sitting in a large ballroom filled with some 250 men all dressed in black. … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: “penitus” in the Good Friday rubric about celebration of sacraments

From a priest reader: Dear Fr Z, For some time I have been wondering about the word "penitus" in the rubric on Good Friday:  "Hac et sequenti die, Ecclesia, ex antiquissima traditione, sacramenta, praeter Paenitentiae et Infirmorum Unctionis, penitus non … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: What to do about visiting priest preaching error?

From a reader: I’ve been troubled by a sermon I heard last Sunday.  It seemed inappropriate, and I’m seeking your advice on what to do. A visiting priest oftentimes gives homilies heavy on so-called "social justice" themes.  Because of his … Continue reading

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Kalamazoo, MI – 23 Nov – solemn TLM

Solemn Mass at St. Mary Catholic Church in Kalamazoo, MI, on 23 November at 12:15 pm. The music will be Mozart’s "Sparrow Missa Brevis" (Mass No. 10 in C major, K. 220). This should be a fine occasion.  If possible, … Continue reading

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REVIEW: The TLM instructional DVD by the FSSP. Stunning!

Get excited. Mr. FedEx came today to present me with a package sent by the estimable Fr. Justin Nolan, FSSP, whom I interviewed for a PODCAzT.  Fr. Nolan sent me an advance copy of their long-awaited instructional DVD for priests … Continue reading

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