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BRING BACK OUR BLACK! – Franciscan University in Steubenville

We need a revival of black vestments for funeral Masses and requiem Masses for the deceased and poor souls! BRING BACK OUR BLACK! A kind reader sent the following. We all know how much you love black, as do we…  … Continue reading

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Prayers requested

In your kindness will you please pray, now and regularly, for Philip Johnson, a Naval officer who has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.  I met him during my last visit to Norfolk, VA. Here is his blog, In caritate … Continue reading

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A cooperative Sabine supper

It gets dark and cold quickly in the evening here at the Sabine Farm. And so when someone comes for supper, a fire is laid in the fireplace and the food is a bit more substantial. The other night a … Continue reading

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