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Off to another point on the list

I had lunch with a friend and a walk along East River.

Now uptown to see the Frick Gallery where I believe there is a Duccio!


A visit to the spectacular St Vincent Ferrer on Lexington.

This time I didn’t have to walk … Continue reading

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Vote on Stupak Amendment

From a reader:
“Dear Fr. Z., This is huge, there is actually going to be a vote on the Stupak Amendment! We weren’t even sure that debate would be allowed. They are voting this very day! If … Continue reading

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Show tonight!

I have my ticket! Any other readers want to go?

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Bp. Donald “Ineffable” Trautman’s jihad against the new translation [Fr. Z POLL]

This entry also includes a little project for you readers and a POLL at the end.
His Excellency Most Rev. Donald W. Trautman, aided and abetted by the ultra-liberal anti-Roman National Catholic Reporter, continues his perennial jihad.  The aging imam of … Continue reading

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Seminary TLM training? A shout to seminarians!

It has been over two years since Summorum Pontificum went into effect.
That is more than enough time for seminaries to get with the program and start providing both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Form.
In the Brick by … Continue reading

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Congressional Dems paying attention to Catholic Bishops

An alert reader sent me a note about an article in the WSJ which included this statement:
"House Democrats said concern among antiabortion Democrats that the bill would allow taxpayer-funded abortions had been a major sticking point. Talks continued late into … Continue reading

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Bp. James D. Conley on Health Care Reform

I keep hearing from friends about good things happening in Denver.
Perhaps the fellow who wrote the next piece is one of the reasons why.
From the site of First Things with my emphases and comments comes this from Denver’s Auxiliary Bishop … Continue reading

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