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The Tablet’s Anglican Provision: No Popery!

The attacks on the Holy Father and his provisions for Christian Anglicans are getting worse… right on schedule. The liberals are having a grand mal twit. England’s ultra-dissenter fishwrap RU-486 (aka The Bitter Pill aka The Tablet) has this with … Continue reading

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Bishops’ meeting not on EWTN

I just heard that the November meeting of the USCCB will not be broadcast on EWTN. Any news? Something about Telecare TV? UPDATE: Here is a story: Broadcast by Telecare TV in Conjunction with USCCBWill Air Public Portions of Meeting … Continue reading

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A wine that will make you weep real tears

You know that feeling when you get shampoo or soap in your eyes and can’t get it out? How you tear up and wait for the discomfort to stop? Even worse… if you get it in your mouth? That describes … Continue reading

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WaPo idiocy

A reader sent word of the following idiocy from one David Waters, WaPo "On Faith" blogger.  Read and chuckle.   My emphases and comments.  The Archdiocese’s ultimatumBy David Waters In a surprisingly bold and seemingly unbiblical move, [tuck that word away … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed

A not so common visitor to the Sabine Feeder, is Red-breasted Nuthatch. Unimpressed by this Nuthatch, Goldfinch is having a little nap. Posting a new tweet.  

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Hey L.A. Times! You owe a correction and apology!

I picked this up from the young Papist with my emphases and comments: Memo to the Los Angeles Times: fire Kim Geiger, and fire her editor while you are at it. The Catholic News Agency has identified this article published … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity

We should be speaking of Pope Benedict as "The Pope of Christian Unity". Here is my manifesto on this project. Liberals want you to allow them to define what ecumenism is, what religious liberty is. The liberal Catholics will try … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Christmas CD by Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles

I have had the chance to hear the new music CD by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, who have their house in Missouri near Kansas City. I enjoyed it and warmly recommend it. You might consider getting this … Continue reading

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