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WDTPRS POLL: Are you stooopid or something? Fr. Z rants.

I don’t know about you, but I am a little tired of the suggestion (from churchmen who shall remain nameless, out of respect for those who are offended by gender-exclusive language) that people are too stooopid to understand the new … Continue reading

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Registration glitch resolved

I mentioned Zuhlsdorf’s Law in another post.
Apparently, and for no reason I can discern, the self-registration function here switched itself off.
I was wondering why I didn’t see new registrations coming in for my thumbs up (or down, as the case … Continue reading

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How to be wrong every time: another WaPo blogger screws up

Anthony Stevens-Arroyo, a blogger with Newsweek/WaPo, has the amazing penchant for being wrong.
You might remember some of his other accomplishments along these lines, for example, his ululation when Bp. Martino of Scranton resigned.  Or his agreement with Planned Parenthood.
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Instead of posting or writing, I am in a cage match with technology.
Zuhlsdorf’s Law* clicks in again!
My printer died and no workaround will fix it.  I have tried it on three different computers.
*Zuhlsdorf’s Law: Whenever you want to show … Continue reading

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