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Anglican bishop lays miter, crozier at Our Lady’s feet and goes to Rome

Anglicans who come over to Rome often make dramatic, painful sacrifices.  They risk losing ties with family and friends, incomes, social standing, and particularly access to sound worship, though under Anglicanorum coetibus that risk is now greatly reduced.  They Anglican … Continue reading

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Advent hymns dissected

For your opportune knowledge: 077 08-12-16 An Advent hymn dissected “Vox clara”, with digressions 076 08-12-07 An Advent hymn dissected “Verbum supernum prodiens“, with digressions 075 08-12-04 An Advent hymn dissected “Conditor alme siderum“; Fr. Z digresses far afield And … Continue reading

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1st Vespers and Vigil for Nascent Life beginning

The Vigil is getting underway. VESPERS… some screen shots

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1st Vespers in the Vatican Basilica and the Vigil for Nascent Human Life

At 1800 Rome time (1700 GMT 1200 EST) the Holy Father will celebrate 1st Vespers of Advent in the Vatican Basilica. But at 1730 Rome time (1630 GMT 1130 EST) there is the Vigil of Prayer for Nascent Life. You … Continue reading

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Sunday Supper and a glimpse at a deer camp

No, I am not revving up for cooking a Sunday Supper. I have a Monday Supper to ready, however. I will be making Buccatini all’Amatriciana and Saltimbocca alla Romana for seven, to be ingested after an afternoon of reading Yeats … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI muses about Ireland

My friend Fr. Ray Blake, P.P. of St. Mary Magdalen in Brighton, continues to post good observations on his personal blog.  I stress “personal” blog, because he was forced to change the blog’s name to reflect his own name rather … Continue reading

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WDTPRS POLL on Pope Benedict’s interview

Here is a couple quick WDTPRS poll: Please give your reasons in the combox.

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QUAERITUR: applause in church for music

From a reader: I have complained on your blog and to this forum in the past about their practice of vigorously applauding the choir after the communion “meditation”/song. Sometimes this song is even secular opera piece. After the applause, the … Continue reading

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World Health Organization praises Pope’s approval of condoms

The misrepresentations of the Pope’s words in his book-interview are ricocheting around, developing their own buzz. Get this: WHO welcomes the Pope’s statement on condoms MANILA, 25 November 2010—The World Health Organization (WHO) today welcomed a statement by Pope Benedict … Continue reading

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Rahab and the Condom Conundrum

We read in book of Joshua that the non-Jewish harlot Rahab hid Jewish spies under bundles of flax from her roof (Joshua 2:6). The fact that a harlot gave help to the Jewish spies is not to be taken as … Continue reading

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Buying stuff for Christmas from monasteries and relgious

Given that this is the day when US retail stores hope to move into the black, thus “Black Friday”, I think we can give some attention to our own Christmas gift shopping here. I think some monasteries and religious houses … Continue reading

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WSJ Opinion piece about the book interview with Pope Benedict

The Wall Street Journal has an article by Francis X. Rocca about Light of the World, the book-length interview with Benedict XVI. I wouldn’t really call this piece a “review” of the book.  It is more an opinion piece and … Continue reading

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Your good news and yesterday’s events

What is your good news?   Did you, in the USA, have a good day yesterday? For my part, I ate a bird.   This time it was duck.

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NCFishwrap: Getting it wrong about people who are getting it right.

When it comes to the Condom Conundrum the National Catholic Fishwrap is in full twit about the Pope’s comments concerning condoms. A couple days ago I nicknamed this dust up the “Condom Conundrum”.  I see that this is being picked … Continue reading

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Remember: The Pope knew what he was doing

I posted this: The Pope knew what he was setting off His Hermeneuticalness has a good piece about this too. Molotov cocktail of planetary magnitude Consider two points. The sharp repression of Modernism in the early 20th century probably lead … Continue reading

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