Mystic Monk Coffee K-Cups are “Monk Shots”

I have noticed that quite a few of you are buying Mystic Monk Coffee K-Cups!

They call them “Monk Shots”.

What are Monk Shots?  Let the Wyoming Carmelites explain:

After years of research and development, we are proud to release our Monk-Shots single serve coffee cups!

We wanted to create a single serve coffee pod with delicious authentically monk roasted coffee in it. We did not like the taste of many coffee pods, which end up tasting like plastic and manufactured. At long last we have a coffee pod that tastes better than a drip brewed cup of Mystic Monk Coffee!

They work with Keurig, Breville, Mr. Coffee and Cuisinart, single-serve machines.  Maybe others, I don’t know.  Chime in.


Mystic Monk Coffee K-Cups are “Monk Shots”
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9 Responses to Mystic Monk Coffee K-Cups are “Monk Shots”

  1. An American Mother says:

    We have them. They’re swell.
    They are not kidding, though, when they say this coffee is strong. The standard 8 ounce setting will stand up without a cup. Use the 10 ounce setting if you want a typical cup of coffee.

  2. george says:

    I certainly don’t want to dissuade anyone from getting Monk Shots, but I am curious if anyone has compared MM coffee in a reusable K-cup device to the actual Monk Shots. Are the MS still superior?

  3. APX says:

    I haven’t compared the two, but using the reusable k-cup filter for myself is an overall hassle I’d rather avoid. It is particularly annoying when trying to make a cup of coffee in the middle of the night before my midge of the night adoration hours by the light of my iPhone, lest I wake up a roommate by turning on a light. It’s easier and cleaner to just throw in a k-cup rather than attempt to fill a tiny coffee filter when I’m sill half asleep and can’t actually see the filter I’m filling. Thus I haven’t been buying Mystic Monk coffee like I used to.

  4. acardnal says:

    I use them, and I also use the 10 oz setting on my brewer as Mystic Monk recommends. The coffee is excellent this way. The large 10 oz serving also means I don’t have to make them many cups of coffee.

    The Monk Shots have a mesh weave filter fabric surrounding them. You can see it in the photo above. This is not usual because most K-cups I have used from other vendors are in plastic cups. I think the filter fabric that surrounds the MS helps give its brew a more coffee-like taste.

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  6. restoration says:

    I just got my first box — a variety pack. I tried the Royal Rum Pecan flavor on the 10 oz setting and added my usual cream and sugar and found it weak. Stick with the 8 ox setting to get a rich smooth taste for that flavor. The 10 oz might be better for the regular coffee pods.

  7. APX says:

    If I recall correctly, Pecan rum is a light roast, thus already weaker. I wish they had something along the lines of an uber dark roast, something like reparation blend. Sounds like a good coffee special for Lent.

  8. I would love to purchase the Monk Shots using Fr. Z’s link and supporting the good monks and Fr. Z, but its not even close econimcally. Boxes of 14 compared to 24 and when I was ready to purchase I was .03 cents away from free shipping where for k cups for the same 3 box order I can get 30 more with free shipping.

    If someone could attest to maybe using the monk shots twice on the same pod at different settings and getting double usage since they are 20% stronger I may reconsider. But with a new baby finances are tight!

  9. acardnal says:

    Thomas Crabtree wrote, “If someone could attest to maybe using the monk shots twice on the same pod at different settings and getting double usage since they are 20% stronger I may reconsider. But with a new baby finances are tight!”

    Good suggestion. I will try that and let you know.