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Super cool Galileo gravity experiment

Super cool. Galileo claimed that if there was no air, a cannonball and a feather would, if dropped, hit the ground at the same time. One of the Apollo astronauts did this experiment on the moon with a hammer and … Continue reading

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DOUTHAT in NYT: Ongoing ‘Amoris laetitia’ controversy

Dear readers… a lot of time and electrons are being spilled on Amoris laetitia these days because it may be the most important controversy of our time, with long lasting implications for doctrine on faith and morals, and on discipline.  Our … Continue reading

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Edward Feser: The Five Dubia and the Silence of the Pope

I found Edward Feser’s essay on Schadenfreude to be especially helpful after the election of Donald J. Trump as President of These United States of America after the humiliating defeat of Hillary and everything she stands for.   Truly helpful. … Continue reading

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TURN TOWARDS THE LORD AGAIN! Shrine of O.L. of Guadalupe

I am delighted to post that henceforth all Masses celebrated at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe near La Crosse, WI will be celebrated ad orientem. HERE […] In his homilies for both the Third Sunday of Advent and the … Continue reading

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The Pope, The Five Dubia and the “Formal Correction”

His Eminence Raymond Leo Card. Burke gave interview to LifeSite. He said that the “formal correction” of Pope Francis he had mentioned before could “probably” be issued sometime after the upcoming Feast of the Epiphany, thus after 6 January 2017 Among the … Continue reading

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Among the dumb and evil things on the internet…

I’ve seen some pretty dumb things on the internet.  I’ve seen some pretty evil things on the internet.  I’ve seen things that are both pretty dumb and pretty evil on the internet. This has to be right up there with … Continue reading

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